September 29th, 2021

autumn cobweb

Autumn is 100% Here, I'm Afraid

I had to turn on the furnace this morning. In September, of all things! The kittens and I were glad, as we all three had been huddling to keep warm. It is truly chilly today. We're not ready to embrace autumn (and certainly not winter!).

It's been lovely wearing shorts, sleeveless or short sleeve shirts and sandals. (I love sandals, which are close to being barefoot — which is my favorite!)

I'd like to be on the Sauvie Island beach, lying on the hot sand on blankets and towels, reading books or just snoozing.

I give thanks for our wonderful furnace, and a house that's tight against the weather, but not too tight. We have enough space under doors to allow fresh air to circulate. We're blessed by many, many windows in our house that let the sun in — especially in the front room, where they go from floor nearly to the ceiling.

We love our oil furnace, that works quite well. Yes, I know others who prefer their gas furnaces, but as I've always said, you never hear about a house that's blown up from an oil furnace. We also get good value from our oil furnace (and did from the old one, too).

The dishwasher is running and I'm off to do a load of laundry. I'm happy and grateful to have had my acupuncture treatment yesterday after missing it last week. I'm spoiled to get these regularly, mainly for dealing with the chronic nerve pain of my postherpetic neuralgia. But also to treat my allergies and joint paint. The people of the RiverWest Clinic are lovely (and I enjoy most of the clients, too). I would recommend them to anyone in the local area. (They even have some clients who drive in all the way from Astoria every two weeks.)