June 30th, 2019

so long farewell

Barry Carlson's Memorial

Marilyn and I attended the memorial of Barry Carlson today. It was very important for us to be there, not only on a personal level, but because we wanted to represent the festival.

Marilyn spoke, and announced that his entire family would have a new award named after them! When she finished the entire room burst into spontaneous applause.

Later she kept bringing up things she wished she had said. (She never uses written notes for these. Frankly, she doesn't need them!) Every time I just reminded her: They applauded you. It's far from the first time she's had applause at a memorial. She's always a popular speaker.

She remembers to be uplifting, she speaks from the heart, she keeps to the point and doesn't ramble, she includes light moments that make people laugh and she keeps her words brief without being too brief.

She's a professional speaker, so I suppose that's part of it. But I think she just has a knack for public speaking that others lack (including many professionals).

I honestly didn't have to twist her arm at all to get her to speak. She wanted to do it! And we're both glad she did. And it was important to announce that new award in a place where it would be special to the audience hearing it.

After that we did some shopping and came home. We've been watching a lot of TV, surprise.

We thinking we'll have some late night popcorn! (woo hoo) As we discussed: We're on vacation and can eat and drink whenever we want, stay up late if we want and sleep in late if we want. Sounds like a plan!