June 29th, 2019


Dhani Harrison in Concert

Tonight we saw Dhani Harrison in concert (George Harrison's son) at the Moda Center. Very, very exciting! Oh yeah, Jeff Lynne and Jeff Lynne's ELO were there, too. Actually, Dhani opened, but we were mainly there to see him, as I'm sure you've guessed!

We were pleased when Dhani played his ukulele in light of our current obsession with our own ukuleles. I can't help wondering if it was one of George's ukuleles, as he had an extensive collection to leave to his son. We were also pleased when Dhani sang with Jeff.

The margaritas weren't nearly as good -- in fact not even in the ball park -- at Moda Center. But we did each get a shot with them.

We had amazing seats with a great view of the stage!

It's a lot of fun going to a couple of concerts -- and to see Beatles' sons! It's been ages since we've been to concerts aside from those at the festival...