June 27th, 2019

beach rain

Sean Ono Lennon in Concert

I Uber-ed into the office before 4:00 and ended up having a nice chat with Rich. We were talking over his year and how he'd ended up feeling about it.

Then Marilyn and I went to the zoo (their summer concert series) to see Sean Ono Lennon and bassist Les Claypool -- The Claypool Lennon Delirium -- and managed to have a great time in spite of the rain. It never stopped rained the entire time. (By the way, we had Cadillac Margaritas there -- the best margaritas ever!)

We went home totally soaked through, but had a blast! Sean's music was great, plus we think we would love that venue on a warm, sunny day.

Hopefully we can save Marilyn's favorite leather jacket! Yikes.

(We were so glad we didn't let the weather keep us from going!)