April 24th, 2019

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Trained Alicia Today (Lynn's Friend)

"Nowhere Boy" is playing and Marilyn is sleeping. I have leg cramps right now, ironically enough. (It's been Marilyn who has been really suffering from them recently, poor thing.) I got 8,879 steps today, which I'm honestly not used to these days. I guess I need to get into better shape for the festival. But with my continued PHN, it's difficult.

I trained new 'girl' Alicia today, who told me she either just turned 60 or was about to turn 60 -- and I called her a 'baby.' I am still not used to actually being 66. I guess I still feel like I'm in my 20's or maybe 30's. Believe me -- if you're still under 50 -- you struggle to accept aging...

We did make several jokes about our age group, Lynn, Alicia and me. As I said to Marilyn tonight, we three had our own little cliche going on -- much like the young girls have (unfortunately) had this year. Of course, our cliche was a joke, and absolutely not intended to hurt anyone.

I was very impressed with Alicia and felt training went quite well.

Originally I was having Donn sit in, as he'd like to learn more about how I train new personnel. But suddenly he remembered he was missing an appointment, and he had to rush off. It was interesting that both Donn and Jeff had to have their eyes dilated today!

I was at the office until past 5:00, anyway. Donn took me shopping after, so I got cases of water and the paper towels I forgot yesterday. And I picked up my prescription.

Then I went to the bank and got forty dollars worth of ones. Both Marilyn and I needed them...

Hector was here working more on the yard when I got home. He did amazing work yesterday.

Marilyn got home by 8:00 tonight! She's been working so late recently that it was great to have her home that 'early.'

I fixed mac and cheese and meatballs for dinner. It was quite good. Then we watched "Jeopardy." Like everybody, we're crazy about champion James Holzhauer! We love seeing him win.

By the way, I'm quite annoyed by this crap that implies that his wins are bad for the show. It's such nonsense.

Well, time for bed. I'm going to get acupuncture again tomorrow. I'm sticking with it.

I need to get some festival work done tomorrow, as well.

And I'd love to see June! It's been hard getting together lately...

Marilyn and I continue play our ukuleles every night. We both love them and are quite serious about playing. We never miss a day.