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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
April 21st, 2019 
Happy Easter, everyone!

Marilyn and I took care of some errands yesterday, including picking up prescriptions and nabbing some quick items like cat food. Then we got out manicures. She did periwinkle (blue) and I did wild thistle (a sort of pale lavender). We're still dealing with the LEFT HAND short nails, RIGHT HAND longer thing. This time I had my guy (yes, I had a young man, which happens rarely) do a really thin layer of acrylic on my left hand, and normal on my right. Last time I skipped acrylic on the left, but my nails were thin and fragile, so I think this will work better...

Because we didn't go to the office yesterday, we knew we'd need to today. We ended up there until 10:30, which was 7+ hours total. We both could have probably worked later, frankly, but we decided to head home. All we had eaten at that point was an egg bite from Starbucks with our coffee.

We came home and I put on some Campbell's Old Fashioned Tomato Rice Soup, then we each made a sandwich -- she had skinny meat on toast, and I had baloney on rye (which I love).

Henry was sick in my family room chair. I had to fix the mess and wash any blankets affected. And scoop out their boxes.

I hadn't played any ukulele all day. And my manicurist mucked up my callouses! We don't want to lose all the work put in over several weeks (in my case -- longer for Marilyn).

I can barely keep my eyes open.

My back hurts, but little wonder. First, riding in the car can end up painful.

Yikes! I just drifted off and dropped my iPad.

Second, sitting up in a straight back chair for hours is killer baby -- well, not in a good way...

You can barre the E major chord. Just barre the fourth fret! Talk about truly killer! (Ina good way.) This new instructor was charming (with a poor singing voice, but who cares).

He also barres D when he plays it. Both chords sound great to me!

Must nap, at least. I'm lying in my chair close by Marilyn, with no blankets over me. (Henry threw up on two of them at the same time...

I started a sentence, fell asleep and forgot what I was typing. So that's it for today, anyway

Ukuleles RULES!

Sleep well, friends!