April 7th, 2019


Happy Birthday, Marilyn -- When You're 64!!! (Go you, go Beatles!)

Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Happy Birthday, Marilyn !

Yes, it's shocking, I know (!!!), but Marilyn turned 64 today! (Wow. That means I'm even older! Yikes.) We didn't end up having a blow out birthday party, but we did spend some time playing Beatles music on our ukuleles, so it's all good! (smile)

And we also didn't go to the beach house, where the TV (cable) isn't working, we weren't sure about internet/wifi and they were having yet another wind storm (the past two years they had wind storms while we were there!). It's a long drive and we could be resting or playing our ukes, so we honestly didn't mind.

We did have a birthday meal out with June and Jim. And went back to Elmer's to eat on Saturday, too. We had popcorn (homemade -- our fave) and cake and other snacks. And went to Fultano's on Sunday.

I managed to buy her not one, but TWO different Beatles magazines that are currently out -- what kind of timing is that?

We love our ukuleles and love playing them. We're obsessed. It was one of the best parts of her bday weekend!

Finally, I wish all my friends lived close by where I could nag them into getting ukes so they could play with us! We'd have a great time!

I hope you had a great birthday, Marilyn -- and will have many, many more! (I love you.)