February 27th, 2019

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Crazy Snow Day!

Today (Wednesday) ended up being a Snow Day for us. No, I am not kidding. It's nearly March, but we were home from work due to snow! Unheard of in Portland, Oegon. I realize it probably happens all the time in other parts of the country and the world, but it simply doesn't happen here.

I went back to sleep (if not to bed) after we'd been up checking it all out early in the morning. I had a lovely rest.

It was very cold, though we really had little snow. The concern for Portland Public Schools was ice, however. Fine by me...

Marilyn ended up doing plenty of work anyway, mostly via text messages. Later on I did work on my upstairs computer on the website. I set the page (CountyFest) to go Live at 7:30 this morning.

A good chunk of the day was spent on playing our ukuleles. I'm working on several things right now:
How to hold my ukulele (exactly how high and what direction)
Learning new chords (I should be including which ones!)
Chord transitions (especially with e minor)
How to make certain difficult chords (especially b minor right now)

We're learning "Shallow" (beautiful) and continuing with "Edelweiss," which we've loved since childhood. Ukulele Mike gave us an exercise for our left hand that is for strengthening the fingers. Very hard.

I talked to June, never wasable to reach sister Sue, texted with Shari and Adeena (I'll see her tomorrow -- and finally give her the gift I've had forever). Speaking of, I still have Mark's Christmas gift. He's been terribly ill and in and out of emergency!!! Both Marilyn and I are really worried about him.

I'm actually writing this at slightly past six in the morning. I guess the pain woke me, as I take pain meds at 6:00 every single morning. I beat the alarm today.

Right now the house is very quiet...

The annual Board Meeting is Thursday night. Adeena is picking me up!

It's now past nine! Why didn't this post?