January 18th, 2019

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Colored My Hair (finally!!!) - Another Busy Day

For the record, it's currently 2:46 a.m. -- night for Friday in my mind, but actually Saturday -- very early. I just watched an episode of "Hart to Hart" with Johnnie (our cat) upstairs. Marilyn, Colin (Kitty) and Henry (Tudor cat) were all downstairs watching tennis. I started watching while making popcorn for a late snack. If you're surprised I would eat so late, I'd mention my many recent low blood sugars...

Thursday, 17 January:
I had meant to post a second entry, but never got it. Just a few random details that come to mind.

I was pleased that I got the garbage and recycling done really early in the day. Nice to do it when it's light out.

Scooped out and added to the catboxes. Still really liking the new litter!

Jokes abound about the 'crazy cat lady' (thanks to plumber John). That should give us fodder for some time.

Marilyn called me around 7:00 p.m. -- she was really too busy to talk to me during the work day. She said she tought she could finish in an hour. She called back at 8:30 p.m. She was home by around 9:00. She works harder than anyone I know... Anyway, she got the PowerPoint done for Friday's early morning meeting.

We ate sautéed veggies for dinner. Really delicious!

Friday, 18 January:
I'm probably forgot things for Thursday. I'm very tired and become much more forgetful when I'm tired.

I spent some time in the morning with Johnnie, who was sick. (sigh) He didn't even want to eat, he felt so bad. He threw up, and wouldn't come out in the house. He just wanted to lie and rest or sleep.

I worked with Angel on the Clown page on the website. Because of email issues (the Exchange is a mess!) this took hours. It's frustrating having Kris out sick, poor guy. I really wanted to phone him...

After that, I borrowed Marilyn's ukulele so I could try it out. I was practicing my strumming. I'm supposed to get my ukulele this weekend. I'm very excited!

Finally got myself to color my hair. I've been using Schwarzkopf for some time. But this is my first time using Ultime Hair Color. I really think I like it. It seemed to cover my extreme white roots, anyway. My hair is also shiny and healthy looking, and feels great to the touch!

Since my Postherpetic Neuralgia, showering alone is really difficult. And coloring my hair is more so. It's tiring and painful. But I think I did a good job (and pushed through).

After that I did eat a couple eggs. I've been trying to eat regularly to help dealing with my blood sugar. I'm monitoring it constantly.

Then I vacuumed the stairs and family room. I was planning to vacuum, but couldn't decide after doing my hair. But I decided I'd at least give it a go!

While resting, I phoned June. She had a bit of an iPad mess, so I went over there. We two worked out a few things together, then I headed back home.

I had stupidly put dishes to wash. I need to do it early in the day, as Marilyn is really allergic to the smell of the dishwashing liquid, which stinks up half the house. I had a window open and the range filter running to no avail.

Marilyn was supposed to come home early, so I dashed down to vacuum her bedroom and walk-in closet. She came home while I was finishing up.

I made chili for dinner.

I guess that's all to share. I'm dead beat, but wide awake. Listening to Marilyn sleep, as I've been worried about her recently.

I can't decide if I should sleep here (not as comfortable as a bed), or go sleep in my bedroom with Johnnie. I'm not as worried tonight about him, as he seems better now (coming out of his room, and eating). But I remain worried about Marilyn... (sigh) I think I'll go check on Johnnie and then come back...

Goodnight, friends.