October 30th, 2018


Late! Rushing to Work This Morning!!!

So, we got to bed around 1:00 a.m., which isn't bad for us. But we still had a hard time waking up this morning! And Marilyn had an Auction meeting, so we were literally racing to get ready and drive in to downtown to our office for work.

I have to feed the cats (Colin and Henry) in the family room (two places). Then check their water at the top of the stairs (near the kitchen, on the stairs). Feed them upstairs in the living room. Then feed and water Johnnie in my bedroom.

Then I have my routine, which includes testing my blood sugar (really good today: 113). Then do my insulin (take pen and add needle, inject, remove needle and dispose of it). Then be sure to get my daytime pills to take (I won't do that until I eat something, with blood sugar that low). I've already loaded up my PAIN pills for today (and taken my 6:00 a.m. pain pills).

Sleepy as I sit at my desk typing this. Trying not to doze! I really can't afford to snore right now!

Yesterday Marilyn and I ran errands, including going to the Italian Rossi farm (on 122nd) for pumpkins. They're not large, but have some cute elements. Then to Sauvie Island to the Pumpkin Patch which is large -- where we found candied jalapenos (which Marilyn loves!). They also have these cute little pies that we enjoy (we got a couple for June and Jim, too).

Marilyn LOVES her new table Jim (our neighbor) made for her. She spent a lot of time over the weekend cleaning up her corner of our home office, including clearing off the two shelves on her desk unit. We took down her bulletin board so she could clean it off and re-do it. And she hung new art on the wall there, which is very nice!

I've been working in the office anyway, since she mentioned wanting to find a place in the house to set up as her personal office. I thought if I could improve what she already had, maybe she'd be comfortable and happy there and not need any other space. I had already cleared off some of the surfaces near her desk -- and talked with Jim about creating a corner desk for her to have some space where she could spread out if need be.

I also cleared out a couple of desk drawers for her in Grandpa Harry's desk (that was Mom's desk until her death). I cleared off most of the surface of said desk so she could also spread out there if she ever needed to. (Sometimes you just need to open big books and go through them and so on.)

My own corner suffered a bit. And I need to work more on my own bulletin board. I had cleared off my shelves, but now they need more work. But it's worth it to me, believe me!!!

I was so happy how things went with the office. I love the joint space and sharing it. I think it's enjoyable when we're both in there.

We have a (very) small TV in there we can watch (mostly listen to) if we want. I find TV is sometimes just 'company' in that room.

Colin was in there quite a bit during all this and was really well-behaved. Good cat!

Anyway, a busy, busy day. And I spoke to Donn several times early on in the day about work, too. And Kris once.

Actually, it was a busy weekend, period!

On Saturday night we did end up going to the pub for The Beatles sing-along, which was very fun! (It ran 7:00 to 10:00.) The next one with that group is November 18, and we plan to go.

More later -- so much to say when I don't blog daily!!!

Domino's Pizza SCAM! (again)

So here's the thing. I guess we never learn! Or we get pulled in by 'good deed' coupons. But Dominos Pizza may have LOST us as future customers after this last bait and switch 'coupon' tactic. (I wish this had been the first time, but it's not.)

We've been buying their pizza forever! We use their App on our devices (mainly on my iPad). And And we get 'coupon offers' in my email.

Yesterday we should have gotten a 'deal' that would have included pizza, a $1.00 donation and a bunch of stuff we didn't want to begin with -- for the price of $20.00. But we ended up with all this stuff we really didn't want for close to double that price (not including the tip).

Are you kidding me???

Well, I think we dump their App from now on, period. And any so-called deals better end up being real, or we'll be using another pizza place permanently. Maybe we just don't try any more deals that aren't deals.

We like their food, but this is ridiculous. And nobody likes being made the fool!

Marilyn offered them the requested feedback, and I was hopeful they would make good somehow, but I guess not. I'm very disappointed in this company!

Apparently there is no more customer service to be had...