October 23rd, 2018


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It rained tonight. As we were on our way to the 10th Anniversary of the first Twilight movie. Marilyn and I went with our friend (and co-worker) Jessica. Anyway, the rain was due, I'm afraid.

Busy, busy day at work today. For everybody! But especially Marilyn, who is getting ready for the Annual Board Meeting this coming Thursday.

Monday Marilyn took me to see Leslie for my annual review of my shingles and to renew meds (especially my Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen). She had a student (Kathy) with her, so I went through my details again (which Leslie complimented me by saying 'you do so well').

It looks like my shingles are fading a bit more. (I wish the pain was fading.) It's been seven months.

Our microwave went out recently. It might be something that can be fixed, actually. But we bought a new one. (We'll donate the old one -- Marilyn seems sure it can be fixed, and she may well be right, as she usually is!) Jessica and Marilyn got it into the car (it was delivered to our office), and I got it out. I couldn't wait to get it out of the box and set up. It seems to work fine. We'll have to get used to it...

My back feels like somebody is stabbing me hard and deep tonight. Ouch.

Sitting in a theater is painful, but it was worth it! Even though I slept during part of the movie (the boring part).

Our friend Shari moved into her new home today. She texted me all about it, but I never had a chance to text back. Maybe tomorrow...

It's actually 1:30, so time for bed!

Johnnie was very glad to see me. He got next to me and was treading and purring, sweet boy!

Jessica taught me the one handed solitaire card game today. Very fun. Talk about low tech fun.

It was great seeing Rich and going to coffee with him...

Maybe going to work tomorrow.

Ran to the store and did some crazy shopping...

Good night!