September 14th, 2018


Movie: Summer of 84 -- AVOID!!!

Marilyn and I just made the HUGE MISTAKE of watching the 2018 Canadian horror mystery film (directed by Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell), "Summer of 84."


We were ready to ignore all the little not-1980s-mistakes that ran through the entire film (who was checking the period stuff for them???) -- lots of the movie seemed more 70s than 80s. We were really enjoying the teenager friends pursue a serial killer. The film was SUPPOSEDLY placed in Oregon (where we actually live), but was rife with Canadian accents. Again, we would have overlooked that. We were enjoying the teen interactions. We were enjoying the 'is he or isn't he' aspect of the film. We were actually pleased by the lack of horrible gore. But we HATED the ending. Apparently the world has become so twisted and dark that there can't be any happy endings. Don't ever engage with characters or like them, because they're likely to both suffer and die. Or suffer forever if they survive. One character we liked was killed (just as we both said "don't let him be killed"). Another was so mentally and emotionally damaged that he couldn't possibly have a decent future (even though the film ridiculously suggested otherwise).

I was so disgusted I walked out of the room. What a waste of time.

It's enough to make you give up on modern horror films. They were managing to be really scary without that crap, but of course they couldn't stop themselves. Sad, really.
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Quiet Day -- Johnnie Fitting In

Home sick today. Well, slightly sick, anyway. (I've been fighting a cold for days.)

I did spend several hours today in bed. Well, on top of bed with a blanket thrown over me. Hahaha.

Johnnie spent some of the day exploring the house -- he was even downstairs in the laundry room a couple of times. The door to my bedroom was open for several hours, too, but Johnnie sleeps best when the door is shut. Anyway, I do think there's progress.

I chatted with Jim early today about how things were going with the roofing. Later I chatted with both June and sister Sue. Very nice.

I think it's adorable how Johnnie loves listening to The Beatles! Every time I turn on SiriusXM Radio The Beatles Channel he comes over and rubs up against my iPad or iPhone (whichever is playing the music). He likes to lie close to the music source.

He also enjoys TV. I keep it on a lot to keep him company.

I think these are sure signs of his domestication. And he spits and growls, but you never see him put out a claw, ever. Another sign. Anyway...