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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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September 13th, 2018 
(Should have posted yesterday, for crying out loud!)

I'm so ANNOYED by 'suggestions' from various things I use. I despise the word 'algorithm' -- I really do. Dump your damn algorithm, I'm not like other people. At the moment I'm discussing Netflix, but many times I've also been annoyed by Amazon. However, Amazon really lets you adjust their recommendations, thankfully, as I'm there a lot (mostly to buy books!!!).

Netflix really doesn't give me an option to say: I hate your suggestion. I deeply despise your suggestion. I wouldn't watch that if there was nothing else on earth to watch.

I'm not sure why it bothers me so much, but it really does! There never seem to get it right, for one thing. If they're using algorithms they are way, way off!!! Just ugh.

I find it bothers me so much I've nearly removed the App from my iPad.

Why don't we have an option to simply turn suggestions off? That would be my favorite option!

Guess what, Netflix?

I have never once used a suggestion from you, and it's unlikely I ever will. So just STOP now, for sanity's sake.

Thank you.

That 'thank you' was a waste of time, because they will never stop! Unless I delete the damn App, I suppose.