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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
August 11th, 2018 
cat kneading, happy cat
We actually had rain this morning. And maybe even some more small amount of rain later in the day (not sure).

I slept in after not sleeping that well last night. But that's okay, as we had no plans early on...

I did go outside at one point to sit with Johnnie. We went over in the grass and had two different people come by walking dogs. I have to hold tight to Johnnie to make sure he does chase them. I always chat with the walkers and warn them that he's an 'attack cat' -- hahaha! They find it amusing. One woman said their dog was very brave until cats got about two feet away.

Johnnie appreciated the petting and attention. He was in my lap and rubbing my face and so on. The most affectionate cat.

We tried a few times with the door open. Colin was WONDERFUL. Very calm. He was willing to meet Johnnie. But the same could not be said for Johnnie, who was spitting. I just think he's very afraid. But it was a beginning, anyway. There wasn't anything physical, anyway.

Marilyn and I did get dressed and went out for our prescriptions and to get Starbucks. But we went right home again.

We spent a lazy day hanging out. Watching TV and fooling around on our iPads. She was on the computer writing fanfic for some time! I did some graphics, but not much...

We ate frozen burritos for dinner and had some beer -- very nice, actually!

We were supposed to maybe go out, but Marilyn wasn't feeling well at that point -- and I was tired, anyway. We napped a lot, which was lovely!

Loving on The Beatles, which makes both of us happy all the time. Hard to even explain it, but if you get it, you get it, I guess.

Before leav8ng upstairs to come down to the family room, I went out on the porch to check on Johnnie. The damn raccoons had been on the porch again!!! What nerve they have. There was water splashed all over (Johnnie never does that!) and not a speck of food in sight. So I got more food and stayed while he ate some. And got him fresh water, too. He'll hide (he's smart). But they'll be back. I can't think how to keep them away and still put food out for him. Oh well.

I do try putting food under the tree -- I know they're hungry, too. But damn, there are so many of them! And they're BIG. I can't feed them all the time! They need to go wherever else they find food besides here, which I know they do (I've seen them running across the street and such). I understand they're hungry, I really do. But it's making it hard right now...

Well, just past midnight and we're actually heading to bed! Surprise!

Sweet dreams, everybody.