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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
August 9th, 2018 
Okay, that's a wacky thing to say, but I was trying to express total disgust. (And right now on the news they keep showing the girl who was shoved off that bridge -- BUT keep in mind she was getting ready to jump on her own, even though it's clearly posted not to jump! Of course, she's happy to be famous on social media.)

But we're missing the point here: the latest Apple Update 11.4.1 for iPad is crazy! It wouldn't let me directly back in. Then seemed to freeze up on the stupid crap it was asking me to do! Finally I'm in. And they wonder WHY we hate to update.

I'm having a low day -- as opposed to a hyper day. I'm less wound up, I'm quiet and pretty much just want to lie around and sleep. (Marilyn says she totally prefers my hyper days, by the way -- even though I just talk and talk. Haha.)

I didn't feel that great today. My pain was really bad. I have no idea why it's better some days and so bad on other days. There doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason. No pattern I can discern. It's frustrating.

Ah, well...

I don't think I've mentioned our new cat here. We're calling him Johnnie. That started out as Lennon, then became Johnnie Lennon. But Johnnie might be a she. Johnnie still works, in either case. I can't believe I can't tell for sure about the gender! I was sure Johnnie was male. But now, not so much. So I had Marilyn look, and she agrees Johnnie is probably a girl.

Johnnie has been around for a month or so, according to our neighbor Jim. I've been seeing the cat for some time and been putting out food. But recently I just really started talking to the cat. And feeding him on the porch. And calling him Johnnie (he learned the name immediately). He's very tame. I even picked him up and carried him over to see June and Jim at their house! My own cats wouldn't let me do that! He never struggled or tried to scratch me or anything.

In fact, he has never scratched me! I'm petting him and I've carried him a lot. He's amazingly gentle. But watch out if you're a dog! He went for a couple of dogs! And our niece Candy came over for the key to the beach house and Johnnie hissed at her! Johnnie was saying "why are you coming to my porch?" But once I hugged Candy it was okay. How smart is that, by the way?

Johnnie doesn't like other cats, either. And our cats aren't thrilled about other animals. So we don't know if can work it out to have Johnnie move in...

I guess we'll see how it goes.

Work tomorrow. I was supposed to go today, originally. (Glad I didn't, obviously.)

Our heat wave is supposed to end tomorrow. But more heat is coming next week. It looks like three cooler days, I guess.

There's another Beatles sing-along this weekend. Wonder if we'll go?

The smoke from the wildfires is in Portland now. It's making Marilyn miserable. We'both really sensitive to the smoke. It's making lots of people sick, anyway.