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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
June 17th, 2018 
Marilyn got back from the track, then we watched "The Commuter," which we enjoyed a great deal! Ignore the bad reviews and give this one a try. Except for the fight scenes being a bit over the top (happens all the time), it was really a fun watch.

So much to share after weeks away from blogging...

I still have shingles. No idea when they'll finally fade. The pain is awful, and my pain pills don't help much. There is constant pain, even after taking my cocktail of meds. I'm trying to stop complaining all the time, as I know how annoying that has to be.

My nurse practitioner Leslie did up my gabapentin to two in place of one every six hours. I'd love to increase my hydrocodone, too, and maybe be out of pain (maybe). No idea if she'll do that, or even if it will help. (I have been on twice as much hydrocodone from Mary, my dentist, in the past. Anyway...)

Shingles is ridiculously painful. It makes it hard to do anything...

We're going to go shopping shortly. Riding in the car sucks. Long rides? Oh my. But, boy, do we need to shop! We're out of a bunch of stuff. I'd better go make a list soon...

As for why I haven't blogged, I honestly haven't felt up to it. Most days I lie on my bed. I sleep a great deal (hopefully healing). Sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I don't. I rarely ever read these days. I play with my iPad, at least. Do some graphic arts. I did get my work done -- for the most part.

I didn't spend much time at work during the festival. But I was great on parade day! I'm probably of that, anyway!

More soon. I've missed you guys...