January 24th, 2018


Damn Pain... Good Day at Work

I had a FRUSTRATING day from the perspective of my medical concerns. I spent ages on the phone this morning! Back and forth about getting my referral to the specialist and then back and forth about my insulin pen. Thankfully the pharmacist mentioned I had a covered prescription for the pen, but they had neglected to send a prescription for the needles (!!!) to go with the pen! Geez, I could have ended up there with no way to actually inject the stuff. WTF????????

Marilyn had suggested I get the medical manager Nancy in the mix -- she phoned me back in November. What a brilliant idea! Anyway, she ended up a big help.

I thought I'd hear from the hematologist today, but didn't. I hope I hear tomorrow...

Went to Starbucks this morning with several people. I had low blood sugar early today (84) and was still pretty low when I finally got up (101). So I got food as well as coffee, just to be safe! I always get a bunch of steps at work, so I need to be careful.

I had lunch at the Turkey Place with Kris -- I ate an all-veggie sandwich (half, actually).

After that Kris and I had a lengthy meeting about Barracuda, which I think (fingers crossed) I understand better now. We shall see!!!

Then in the afternoon I had a website meeting with Rich, Kate and Calisa -- basically a start in the correct direction (I hope!).

I need to chat with Adeena about her role. I've kept her on the Website Team, as she has some skills. But not sure if she has the time for this or not...

Marilyn had severe IBS-d today! Miserable, actually. I felt really bad for her. It's hard enough to do the work without the health issues.

She's inpressed with Lisa (her new seasonal assistant), which I'm glad to hear. I have really positive feelings about both Lisa and Sophia.

I ate a peanut butter bun for dinner. Sometimes peanut butter doesn't sit well with me. We've been eating a lot of it with no issues, so I thought I'd be okay. But I had HELLISH stomach and back pains all evening and night tonight. I'm still not over them now.

The good news is that the bloody spots all over both arms have nearly entirely disappeared -- at least for now. I'll take whatever good news I can, of course!

Marilyn got 11,000 steps today! She just did the treadmill -- and was bleeding after that. I think from all the IBS issues plus the rubbing of running and walking on the treadmill. Poor thing!

I was just shy of 6,000 steps today! If I had looked before midnight I'd have tried to get those steps (less than 200). That burns me! Hahaha.

I never had time to phone sister Sue today, so hopefully I'll do that tomorrow. I usually check in with her daily, but it's hard when we're really busy and then tired.

Time to head to bed (it's nearly 1:30 a.m.).

I LOVE the new Burger King ad is trying to teach customers about net neutrality (using Whoppers to criticize the recent repeal of regulations that proponents said ensured equal access to the Internet). It's really brilliant! I have the link somewhere, but am too tired and lazy to hunt for it. Maybe tomorrow!

Why is there no 'pain' mood? They should have fixed the moods years ago... (sigh)

Sweet dreams!