September 26th, 2017

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iPad Instructions: From INSIDE Messages (Texting) -- Add a Contact!

iPad Instructions: From INSIDE Messages (Texting) -- Add a Contact!

Okay! So you're using your iPad, right? And you get a communication (a text message) inside the Messages App -- but all you see is a phone number! Annoying, right? Who IS this person sending you a text message?

Anyway, you finally REASON out who it is -- so now do you need to exit to your Contacts to add them? Actually, NO, you don't! Apple hasn't made this either obvious or intuitive, but you can EDIT that Message so you can 'see' the person behind it! Here's how!


1. In Messages, select the message/text you want to edit. (Remember, right now it only has a phone number.)

2. In the upper right hand corner you'll see a small i, inside a circle. That will take you to Details.

3. The top line shows a gray circle with a white head inside (undefined contact), directly next to a phone number. Click on this line.

4. You'll go to a page with a somewhat bigger contact image, plus several options. Click on Create New Contact.

This is actually a shortcut to the New Contact option inside your Contacts App.

5. Fill in as little or as much information as you wish. First name. Last name. A photo (if you have one), etc.

6. When you finish, hit Done (blue) in the upper right hand corner.


7. Locate the blue arrow (pointing LEFT) and click it. Then you MUST find Done in the upper right corner and click it. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Don't skip this step, or you'll get tangled around inside Messages.)

8. That takes you back to the main message/texting page.

You'll end up with your cursor in place to send a message! Unless you want to do that, click your Remove/Lower keyboard key.


And that's what I learned today! (woo hoo)


I hunt and hunt and hunt -- and hunt some more. I'm trying to locate a FULL LIST of all the Apple icons used for iPad and iPhone. I want to see the visual icon as it displays, and read a description of it, starting with THE PROPER NAME. This should be easy to find, right? WRONG!!!

I'm fairly good at finding this stuff as a rule. I'd put some time and research into it, and could only find short lists of ten or fewer icons.

So what do I do? I go to Apple and go through the long, complicated process of logging in so I can get support from their chat. I get Jon as a helper. He's extremely well-meaning. But as I ended up telling him later, he can't provide me something that clearly DOES NOT EXIST.

Here's the specific item I was looking for: the gray circle that contains a generic white head of what is obviously representing a person. But it you're typing out instructions (say, like the ones above), what is this icon CALLED??? Does it have a name? If it doesn't, WHY doesn't it?

Jon was calling it several things. Yeah, Jon, I get it! I actually understand the CONCEPT behind the icon (!!!). But that doesn't give me the official name, now does it?

Eventually Jon told me it was: 'Unsaved contact icon.' Seriously???

Here's the thing: You get that icon when you haven't added an actual photo of your Contact to your device. I get that. It's generic for a Contact/Person/User/Whomever (generic being the operative word here, as it fills in for a specific image of someone).

I could have just used 'generic contact' WITHOUT wasting time looking for a real icon name online and then via Apple/Jon. But I've been writing instructions and manuals since the 1990's (and probably before that, really). And I've found it's ALWAYS BEST to use real/genuine/official names/terminology AT ALL TIMES when writing up instructions. You don't GUESS at the best name you can come up with at that time! That's ridiculous.

Let me say that it's one of the most difficult aspects of learning how to do things on the Server! You need to KNOW the actually terminology. You can guess all you want, but that's not going to cut it.

It's not like Apple should be unwilling to share this, is it? Or are they just too damn LAZY to compile it?

Marilyn and I have been having a lot of discussions about Apple lately -- and they have not been flattering. The level of arrogance is so extreme it's disgusting. That's NOT how you deal with people! I hate those who 'talk down' to others, by the way. I strive never to be someone like that. My personal goal my entire life has been to SHARE WHAT I KNOW with others. (And, as you know, I've only rarely ever done that paid -- usually I give away what I know for free.)

I think I'm going to have to see if I can stand to create my own list at some point. The main flaw will be getting decent images of the various icons! Just screencapping them will make them quite small... (sigh)

Anyway, that was ONE of my tasks for today. I hope there are some iPad users out there who can utilize this information. It really helped ME, anyway! Hahaha.

TV: Stranger Things -- My Basically Non-Ambulatory Day

First off, Marilyn and I have been watching the TV series Stranger Things," which was created, written, directed and co-executive produced by the Duffer Brothers (and also co-executive-produced by Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen). It features children as the 'heroes' of the series, so it was appealing from the get-go!!! We watched it until LATE last night and again tonight...

We had my promised pot of chili for dinner -- a very Autumn meal!

And Marilyn was home by around 7:00 p.m., which seemed pretty early to me! Hahaha. She has to 'work late' (as she told me) tomorrow night, so one can only imagine how late that will be...

As for me today, I tried to do some thing in the kitchen. But here's the deal: I can't stand in one place for very long. It just hurts too bad. I was cleaning up and organizing our Pantry Unit that we bought. But I had to give up part way through. Nor could I do my usual pacing back and forth that I normally do during phone calls to get steps. I had to sit or sprawl around today. It's maddening to me! (In spite of what Leslie Cody my Primary Caregiver thinks, I'm normally very active. I hate lying around!!!)

My blood sugar was higher than normal, but not over 200 as it has been a lot lately. While doing my insulin I ended up with three syringes with bent needles (!!!). That's a big deal, because I'm only given enough to inject once a day for a month. So I'll come up short.

I phoned Byram Healthcare and they helped me out. And I'll mention it to Leslie when I see her on Friday. I can't wait for those injections!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also talked with Steve W. from the Clown Corps. He suggested I do a website for some friends who just bought a local venue that is rented out for various events. It was the site of the ball we recently attended, for example. I think this is nice of him. I told him to feel free to have them contact me, anyway. Not sure if it will go anywhere...

I also talked to sister Sue today for a bit.

And I texted for a few minutes with my friend Mark around midnight. (smile)

As I mentioned in my other blog entry, I spent quite a bit of time doing that tutorial and chatting online with Apple...

So even though I wasn't up and about much, I was awake and busy and pretty 'active' in a way. (grin) Never a dull moment in my day...

Of course I spent time on my email, too.

SAD NEWS!!! Our dear Wanda (our new receptionist who is already a special friend) was STRUCK by a car while riding her bike today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm horrified! She and I were just talking about how wonderful we both think bike riding is. And now she's been hurt! She had to be sent home today...

Well, I'm forgetting something. But it will keep, I'm sure.

Sweet and happy dreams, everybody.

Oh! I can't wait to see more of the Gorge. Photos and video are starting to be available...