September 6th, 2017


Brutal Day -- But Happy Ending.

Early day.

We're suffering from the ash in the air. The air quality has been awful. We had masks and these helped. We had three, so Marilyn and I each wore one and we gave one to sister Sue to wear. We don't wear them in the house, but DO WEAR THEM in the car and when outside. Yes, it helps a great deal. And I was wearing my sunglasses even though it was far from 'sunny' outside -- in order to protect my eyes (wearing my contacts). At one point I did go out very briefly without mask and glasses and BOY WAS I SORRY about that!

We headed to Sue's so we could get there before 9:00 a.m. I phoned Deluxe Fuel on the way and discovered Rick would be coming to our location second. So we had anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours to wait. We had brought along bottled cold coffee, but after going to Sue's we went and got her a Venti caramel latte. (We also got a white egg bite -- one order has two, and we also share them between us.)

While at the house I did take her cell phone to see it I could set up her voice mail message. So weird! The thing gives the prompt in Spanish, even though I tell it to use English. It needs to go back to the provider, I guess...

We texted Candy for the WiFi password. She had to get it from Nicole. But now that I have it, I put it in two spots at Sue's house and I've got it on both my cell and iPad...

I had to trim the tree outside the house so the number would show. Anyway, Rich had no trouble finding us, thankfully.

We'd found the 'closet' where the unit resides, and Sue and I moved all the ton of stuff piled in front blocking it. He got in and worked on it and then we had to locate the breaker box (I found it). And he had to go get a part. So he fixed the furnace fan so they can have heat when the time comes, thankfully. Then he went out to work on the outdoor AC unit.

The news there wasn't good. He got two bids -- one 'cheaper' one and one for the better unit. The cheap bid was nearly $5,000. No, we do not just have that kind of money lying around, in case you're wondering. Hahaha. (The better unit was $600 more, if you're wondering.)

Marilyn paid for today, then we were off to take Sue to see Dr. Jhooty (her heart doctor). He's at Emanuel hospital.

After that it was back to Sue's. Candy was there and we told her the good and bad news. She's still going to check with Daniel and her school chum for an alternative (cheaper) option for the AC, and we'll help with the cost.

It's difficult to want to put much money into their manufactured home for several reasons. First, it wouldn't increase the value in any way. Second, they're upside down on the place anyway -- so if they let it go, they walk away without anything. And they frequently talk about doing exactly that. So spending thousands just doesn't make sense (even if we could afford it).

Our bottom line -- even with the current heat issues -- is that many, many people in Portland (and the surrounding areas) do NOT have AC and manage. We lived in our house for years without it, using fans and in-window units. So... It might be hard to believe now, but in weeks it will be cold again.

Oh! And this has been interesting: since the wildfires and all the smoke, it's been cooler. The smoke blocks the sun and the heat.

Sue tried to phone our friend June. She wanted to wish her 'Happy Birthday' -- but nobody was home. I was excited to see Sue trying to phone her. And that it was her own idea to do so! She really hasn't been calling people much recently...

Marilyn and Candy were working on a list of all Sue's medications. They're trying to reason which doctor assigned which drug, what she's currently taking and what might be missing. It's been complicated ever since Sue was in the hospital last year and the hospital doctor got in the mix and screwed it all up...

Finally when this was all done, Marilyn and I stopped briefly by Staples (I wanted a couple more lightning cables).

If you use iPhones and/or iPads (or even iPods), then you really should get one or more of these! They're AMAZING!!! They come in a BOX, blue and white with 'STAPLES' written in red at the top. There's a plastic window that displays the cable. On the outside it reads: Charge/Sync Cable - Lightning connector - Extra durable braided design - 6' - Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad. (The cables are in a variety of colors.) They cost $10 (cheaper than the Apple cables).

These work BETTER than the lightning cables that come with the devices, believe it or not! They won't break like regular white cables do. They're longer (obviously). They decidedly charge FASTER, believe it or not. Obviously I'm nuts about them. I've already bought two each for Marilyn and me (four), plus one for my friend June. And now I've gone back and bought two more! (We wanted them for work, too.) It's not always that easy to locate them in the store, so it's helpful to have the stats I've shared above to tell the sales person. If I were Staples, I'd be putting these right were everybody could find them! I can't recommend them enough.

After that we stopped briefly at Target. We needed gift bags and pretty tissue for June's gifts (for her bday). And Marilyn wanted to get a cake, but they had none, so we settled for cinnamon rolls (smile). On our drive home, we saw the Farmer's Market in Kenton and stopped, wanting red tomatoes to fry with the green we got yesterday.

Then we headed home. I immediately wrapped up June's gifts and we signed our cards. I tried to phone her, but nobody was home. So I put the stuff aside (including some happy-un-birthday presents for Jim) for later. I did leave her a message.

Both Marilyn and I were exhausted. What a stressful day. We watched more of the US Open tennis, but I didn't last long. I headed into my bedroom for a nap. I tried to read a bit, but was soon snoozing.

I've been reading the novel "Forever Amber," which I've never read before. (Yes, I've seen the movie several times.) I'm really enjoying the book! Very well written, with amazing research for the period.

I just finished reading Mary Renault's "Funeral Games." I love her writing so much! (And I love that she spent her life in a relationship with another woman. Mary was a fascinating person.)

del Potro took out Roger Federer. We like del Potro, but Roger is a favorite. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing del Potro win the whole thing. NOT that I'm pulling against Rafa, mind you! Hahaha.

When I finally woke up, Marilyn and I decided to fry tomatoes, always something we like to do during night matches of the Open. We missed the actual match for dinner, but that didn't matter. The food was still good! No rice, just red and green tomatoes. Marilyn cooked a pan, then I cooked one. And I fixed a second pan for Marilyn, and a few leftover slices for myself. Sheer gluttony! Hahaha. Delicious! Those red tomatoes were garden grown and yummy...

We also got some carrots -- I immediately ate one when we got home. We also bought some lemon cukes. And some plums (I can't remember what kind, but they're tasty).

Marilyn is asleep on the sofa upstairs. She was watching Frasier when she drifted off. I have the TV on while I'm typing this.

I did finally talk to June late in the day. We decided I'd take her the gifts tomorrow, as they were heading to bed shortly.

I guess sister Sue had called at one point needing adult diapers. Candy asked her before going to see her boyfriend if she needed anything and she said no. And we asked her the same before we headed home and she said no. She told Marilyn she'd asked Candy, but certainly not when we were there... She gets confused.

We'll have to go tomorrow for these, I guess. We also need to get by the office and get my medical supplies that are waiting there (syringes -- the new LARGER SIZE I need). Plus go to Riteaid for my insulin. Plus we need to go shopping at some point (we're not in a hurry... hahaha...).

I've been setting up my pills three days at a time. I don't know why, but that's so much easier than doing a week at a time (which takes forever). Unless we're going somewhere, this works fine, by the way.

Wanda was so sweet on the phone yesterday! I forgot to mention it. I was sharing with her all the various American Ninja Warrior participants who had responded to my Monday Tweets, which excites her so much. I always have to share with her. Hahaha. That reminds me that we were messing with Marilyn's Twitter account today, too...

June and Jim went up the Gorge today! They wanted to check things out. I can't imagine doing that. They went into the smoke! I think it would kill Marilyn and me, we're so sensitive. As it is the smoke is making us miserable. We both had terrible headaches again today... She told me she thinks it's getting better. I hope that's true.

We really need some RAIN here!!! Montana is on fire. California is on fire. Washington is on fire. And OREGON is on fire. Terrible. Meanwhile, Texas is flooded and horrible storms are headed for Florida. Sorry if you disagree, but don't tell me this isn't due to global warming! And I don't think that should be a political issue. As they recently said in National Geographic, this is simply a scientific fact.

Well, before I get more political (and talk about DACA/Dreamers), I think I'll end for today. Sorry it's such a long post!

I hope all of my friends and family are staying SAFE and as comfortable as possible. I'm praying for all of you...