August 8th, 2017

dad young

August 8, Revenge Fans (Hahaha) -- Missed Mentioning Dad's Bday

Dad's birthday was August 6 (this past Sunday). Had he lived, he would have turned 97 this year. He actually passed back in 1998. You can read more about him HERE if you're interested...

For any "Revenge" fans, today was a big deal day in the fandom. Original it was the wedding of Emily and Daniel. Later it was the wedding of Amanda (Emily) and Jack. 8/8 -- get it? Infinity times infinity. Anyway...

I stayed home today -- Marilyn went back to work (of course). Hard to face coming back after vacation. She's always swamped with emails and meetings and people needing her time. It must be exhausting!!!

In the meantime, I was dealing with Donn's and my problem with Symantec -- the antivirus we've been using for long before I took over IT for the festival.

Donn finally talked to a couple of manager-level support people who basically told him they weren't really invested in keeping us as clients and would not offer us better support. We're too small a client and don't pay enough to matter to them. Are you kidding me???

Yes, we're a non-profit and a very small organization. But we're a festival known around the world! We're one of the top festivals in the world according to our peers. And we have the single largest one-day event in the entire Pacific Northwest annually. So it's not like people don't know us. And there are many who care what we have to say.

I feel this attitude should probably be taken online and shared. As should our recent issues with the service. We've had loads of trouble and they've been extremely remiss in helping us to fix the issue! It's been expensive and time-consuming. And we really can't afford the terrible cost.

Donn and I went back and forth about it for hours today. And then I brought Kris into the mix and he and I went back and forth, too.

More about it after Kris meets with me later this week...

But for the record, Symantec sucks. If you have a choice, I highly recommend you DO NOT select their service for your antivirus. And the sad part? Until recently I would have said exactly the opposite! I was especially impressed by this latest version of the software and service. But if you can't adequately support your product in a cost-effect fashion, then all the impressive bells and whistles in the world don't matter!

I've got TWO MACHINES sitting in the office that we CANNOT USE right now. And we're discussing whether or not they need to be reformatted and started up from scratch, which takes a lot of time and my limited IT budget to accomplish. Otherwise we need to find some way to make Symantec work that doesn't cost hours and hours (expensive hours) of my assistant's time! Screwed both directions, apparently.

Aside from this, Marilyn wanted me to give her Bill Zapp's phone number so Marcia could contact him. Well, good luck with that! When he and I last talked, he was getting ready to sell his house. He had retired from his business (which he owned). I don't know where he was moving to. Anyway, his phone has been disconnected. He never had a cell that I knew about previously. I have his address before the move and his name and the name of his wife and two of his grandkids. And I spent more than an hour trying to 'find' him again online, but it was impossible!

There doesn't seem to be any way to locate people anymore. You used to list your phone and it included your address and people looked in the phone book and found you. There is no modern equivalent. If you're worried about your privacy, you can stop. Seriously!

And I read a long article telling you to NEVER EVER pay for information online about anyone! I had several opportunities, but figured they would just give me the old phone number I have now, which doesn't work...

We dashed out tonight and got coffee -- it's terrible to be out of coffee!!! And a slice of cake and a big slice of cornbread. And kitty litter and a couple of big bottles of water. Plus paper towels. I use so many of those I'm always running out.

I did speak briefly to sister Sue. She had told us when we last talked that her phone wasn't working. So I didn't try calling her on it until today. Then when I didn't reach her, I sent a text to her son Larry, and she called me shortly after that. She had no clue what I meant about her phone -- but she's the one who told Marilyn and me that it wasn't working! Oh well.

She had asked Candy to take her back home, but Candy told her to wait a few more days. We're still having hot weather.

Oh!!! Marilyn said her office was actually COLD today! We had issues with the office AC recently. It totally froze -- and leaked into the women's bathroom! (That was last Friday.) But Toby fixed it. And now Marilyn's office is cold and not hot. Go figure...

Bedtime! Sleep well, friends!