July 26th, 2017

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Websites and Domains, Oh My!

For the record, I'm an average Joe. (Josephine? Hahaha. Maybe that should be Jo, like "Little Women.") I'm not smarter than the normal guy/gal. I have no particular genius. But I know what I know. I believe in education -- and by that I mean, I believe in CONTINUING to educate ourselves every day of our lives.

When it comes to websites and domains, I do know a thing or two. If you've been working me on any given site, it might be to your benefit to engage me and listen to me, as I can help you. That's all I'm sayin'.

The Roosevelt High School Alumni Association had me set up their current website/domain back in 2011. Specifically, in September of 2011 (which is part of my records -- and easy to find at the domain host website, too). When the organization wanted to go another way with the website, I didn't fight them. It's a lot of work, and if they wanted to spend the time and money in a different way, good for them. However, it might have been to their benefit to at least consult me about the decisions they made.

Now they want to dump their current VERY EXPENSIVE provider and go back to the website I created for them. No problem, right. Wrong. The company they've been dealing with actually MOVED THE SITE (!!!) to a different host. Yikes! Did anybody know this? I have a feeling either that they didn't know, or didn't know they should care. But they should care, very much! Because this is one of the ways you lose control over your domain!

We had to create a totally NEW domain back when I helped set up the site for the Portland-Sapporo Sister City Association. Marilyn and I both STRONGLY AGREED that it should actually be: www.portland-sapporo.org (and not www.pssca.org, which it used to be!). But we didn't have the CHOICE to keep the old domain. Because the organization had allowed the webmaster to CONTROL domain ownership -- and once they were no longer willing to pay him, he decided to keep it! This all happened back in 2011, for the record.

Happily, I should be able to regain control for RHSAA of their website/domain. And I think that will happen rather quickly, actually. I wouldn't be surprised if it's done today, though it might take another 24 hours to propagate...

I just logged in to PSSCA, for the hell of it. I think we're close to losing that site. Marilyn has been trying for ages to get somebody else to take responsibility for it, now that she's no longer on the board. But she's still down on the domain! And GoDaddy is far more expensive than Doteasy, by the way...

Making website decisions without having someone to advise you? Not good. That's all I'm saying. I never charged either of these organizations (nor the festival, of course) a dime for my help. Why not use what I know? I'm out to protect people and save them $$$.

RHSAA got taken to the cleaners by the company they've been dealing with recently. Little wonder they now want to dump them! Hahaha. And once I have control (again), it will be quick work to re-load the old site and turn over maintenance to Megan.

I just need to make sure she knows how to FTP, as that's really the only way to do this stuff.

It does get me to wondering: how many organizations (companies, churches, non-profits, etc.) lose their website/domain because of poor management? Or spend way more than they should for a basic website?

Or worse, decide a basic site isn't 'good enough' for their purposes, and get taken advantage of because they are ripe for the picking? Be reasonable: you probably don't need a lot of bells and whistles to have a good website. The idea is to convey information. This doesn't have to be 'interactive' or fancy to work well.

That's my mini-rant for today, anyway. I feel bad when non-profits are hurt because of these choices. Because it really shouldn't happen.

And I've always shared my knowledge willingly and without strings.

I think there are lots of people who do the same. If you can locate them, of course. Not always easy...
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Websites, Domains and More... Keeping Busy This Summer!

No contact from Lilia regarding the Rose Garden Store website. Hmm. SHE was the one who originally contacted ME about this, after all -- causing me to spend hours on the task! Do I have a right to be annoyed that she's now ignoring me about it? (sigh) Maybe it wasn't as important to her as I was made to believe...

The Roosevelt High School Alumni Association website? As of this afternoon (!!!) it's back up again! And Doteasy did ALL THE WORK of reloading it for me! I had figured I would have to FTP all the pages again. I'm delighted about this, as I'm meeting tomorrow late afternoon with Megan (the new webmaster) to discuss the site...

First thing tomorrow? Starbucks with Rich, who is coming in!!! (woo hoo) That makes me happy!

I also have BOTH Donn and Kris coming to the office to work. My, my. Marilyn asked me to get Kris in, so he could set up more QuickBooks on various computers. Works for me! And he was glad to come...

Marilyn goes BACK to the doctor about her knee in the morning, too. I hope it's good news.

Sue's doctor appointment with Jennifer (the new doctor) today? Marilyn and Sue BOTH loved her! And she's far from a 'new' doctor, having been in practice for 39 years. She did the first round of tests to determine if Sue actually has dementia, by the way. In one test she did NOT score in the dementia range, but there are more tests yet to come. She wants to wean Sue off her antidepressant, which would probably be good (and said she didn't see a need for it).

Marilyn was pretty stressed trying to get to Sue's and then the appointment! She was in standstill traffic. She said today that Portland traffic is one of the reasons she has such high blood pressure...

Jennifer had a cancellation of her 2:30 appointment, which is why she went ahead and saw Sue (even though they were really late getting there). I had called in advance to let them know Sue and Marilyn would be late...

I did NOT go along. I decided that three people made one too many to face the new doctor, even though Marilyn said I would have loved meeting Jennifer. Interesting note: this happens to be Carol's doctor!!! Isn't it a small world?

As for me, aside from working on the RHSAA website/domain for hours today, I also did website work for the festival. Again, I can't get over how I sort of fell into website work all those years ago! And I'll never stop mentioning that LiveJournal was instrumental in my success as a webmaster. I love the work so much. The more hands-on I get to be with code, the more I enjoy it. (grin)

Swapping out one site version for another is no small feat, by the way. I was DELIGHTED to get it done so quickly, I must admit. And Doteasy remains a huge help after all these years. Marilyn and I lucked in to using them and have never been sorry! This is such a great company. Plus they respond so quickly whenever I contact them. This could have taken days to do (or weeks!), but look how fast it went!

Marilyn's manicure (and matching pedicure) is blue -- did I mention that before? So pretty! She looked so nice in her dress today, by the way...

I'm very happy with how my hair looks! And with my purple nails. I had dried my hair pretty straight, but after sweating even a small amount, it immediately went very, very curly. Hahaha. Even without touching it with brush or comb it looked great this morning!

Speaking of GREAT things (grin), I woke up today having a low blood sugar incident. Not terribly low, but still low. I tested, then ate a couple small pieces of my Ice Chip candies. It's Xylitol sweetened candy, and it immediately put everything RIGHT for me! No spike. But I also didn't have to wait for an hour or more feeling crappy (as you do when you have a low) until I leveled out again! This stuff is a miracle, I have to tell you... Plus I love the idea that it's GOOD for my teeth, too.

I did a really nasty, dirty job today! I brought in all the 'animal feeding bowls' I keep outside for the birds and critters. The area can get quite muddy in bad weather, plus a lot of various foods ends up in the bowls. So they really needed scrubbing out. I did have some plastic bowls, but I tossed those a while back. They get too nasty and don't hold up. I like metal bowls and heavy ceramic ones, which can hang in there year round. Now they're all clean, and I filled up several with water. The poor birds and critters are really thirsty in all this summer heat!

I did run a load of dishes, too -- including the popcorn popper! (smile)

Marilyn and I are disgusted with our CenturyLink email accounts now! She can't access her account at all. And mine is ridiculously slow. I guess we'll get Comcast emails -- we have a Comcast modem, but haven't been using it for wired internet, only WiFi. Once we do that, I think it will finally be time to entirely dump our CenturyLink account. We've had it FOREVER, from back when it was Qwest... I'm sorry it's so damn messed up, but that's how it goes.

Marilyn and I had discussed changing our next vacation (which is next week) until the week after. I said I was fine with that -- whatever worked for her, of course. But now it turns out we'll be keeping the original vacation after all. Again, whatever works! (smile)

Busy day tomorrow! I think I'll get some SLEEP.

I hope you all sleep well and have lovely dreams!