June 24th, 2017

sunshine, sunny

Very Hot Day!!!

Marilyn and I got a late start. But we finally were packed up and left for our beach house. It was a nice drive down -- we stopped for Starbucks on the way.

We planned to stop in Svensen, Oregon, for their monthly flea market held on the third weekend. It turns out this is the fourth weekend!

We only stopped briefly at the house to unload our bags, then drove on to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, for their annual Pirate Festival, planning to meet up with Carla and Gary.

The weather was SO HOT! It was 99, then 100, then 99, then 100, then 101!!! At the beach!!! This never happens!

We got there and parked. Then Carla, Vicky (Carla's sister) and Ally (Vicky's daughter) joined us, quickly followed by Gary.

We saw and heard pirates singing. And went to their condo and had drinks (Marilyn and I had taken a bottle of watermelon margaritas there. Then we went out for dinner at a mexican place. They had two menus (back-to-back): Mexican and American. Gary and I had burgers (fried egg on mine), and everyone else had Mexican.

We had fun chatting at dinner.

After that we drove back to Seaside to our house. It was WAY TOO HOT to spend the night, so we packed up again and came back to Portland. We're pretty lucky to have AC here. Especially when the weather is past 90'!!!

We were home in time to se the end of Svengoolie and then to watch "Batman."

It was a wonderful summer day with friends.

It's nice to be resting in our comfortably cool home. Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot day!

Sweet dreams -- stay cool and enjoy your summer (unless you're having winter now, of course!)...