June 21st, 2017

many waterfalls

Conversations... My Day On the Phone...

I spent hours of my day on the phone talking to various people.

I had tried in the morning to call sister Sue, but hadn't reached her. So I called my friend June, as we hadn't talked since before the parade. And while on the phone with her, Sue called me. So I spoke with her for some time.

She mentioned that she'd like to have her computer out at Larry's -- the first time she's mentioned it! Actually, I've brought it up before but she had no interest. And while we were talking she had her show (soap opera) on in the background -- but her grandson wanted to change channels. She doesn't have her own TV there... After speaking to her I had a long, lovely chat with June, bringing her up to date with our lives. Then I spoke at length with Donn. I wanted to find out if he could help me set up Sue's computer at Larry's. He really got stuck on getting her a TV when I mentioned her not having one. It made him a little crazy! Anyway, he's going to help me with this project.

And then I talked with Larry (Sue's son, my nephew) for hours. Interesting conversation about Sue.

And I was texting with my friend Rob and later my friend Mark. That took up most of my day, believe it or not!

Still need to do a photo update of the festival. I just need to get motivated.

Tomorrow I need to be sure to color my hair. I want to look nice for Friday and the weekend (attending events). I found it hot today! I was uncomfortable and not very hungry...

Marilyn got home around 7:30 (8:00?) tonight. I hate her being at work so late right now. But it can't be helped under the circumstances.

I called in my insulin this morning, intending to pick it up tonight. Tomorrow... And we need to go shopping for supplements, too.

We had popcorn for dinner and very much enjoyed it!

Time for bed. I'm TIRED. Marilyn is, too. We watched some of "The Fall" tonight.

This isn't a very good entry. But at least I blogged.