June 5th, 2017


Work. And "From One Rose" Tonight.

Another work day -- crazy/busy for Marilyn, for sure!

I was HOME -- Marilyn isn't taking any chances with me getting sick during this week. Hahaha. I did website stuff and other work from here in my home office.

Tonight was "From One Rose" at the Hollywood Theatre. Adeena joined us here after Marilyn got home from work and we three drove over together.

We ended up sitting with Caitlin, Kate and Christine (from the office), who were also attending. I was glad they did a different ending, not showing the epilogue (which I don't care for). That made the film nearly perfect. This is our Centennial year film -- Marilyn was the Executive Producer.

Ira was there at the end to answer questions. The movie started at 7:30 -- and started with a short film from 1977 about the festival (smile). I can't believe it wasn't over until 10:30.

I had a fried egg this morning with toast. And some crackers with cheese later in the day. And popcorn during the movie. I think I'll go eat something now...

Hopefully Adeena will have time tomorrow to take me shopping (fingers crossed).

The Grand Floral Parade script went to print today. The PA Meeting is tomorrow. I'm not sure if Marilyn wants me to attend or not.

I heard from Larry via text today. He said his phone has been broken. And his mom's phone (sister Sue) has no charger -- and they can't find one because the phone is so old! I mentioned I had wanted to give him tickets to take Tammy to CountryFest -- he said she'd like to go. But I had to mention that concert was LAST NIGHT. As I told him, I'd been trying to reach him since Friday...

Well, more tomorrow! Sweet dreams.