June 1st, 2017

coins in glass, may your glass be half full

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly... PA Meeting Day...

I'm so tired. It's nearly 2:00 a.m., so this really needs to be short -- and quick. And (as is always true this time of year), there's so much to say! Damn. I'll try to rush through.

Today was one of those days. Things were messed up. And yet, it was also a good day. So...

Adeena picked me up for work this morning -- that was good! Sue B. gave me darling earrings made from old typewriter keys (so cute!). Also good!

I got work done without any trouble -- also good. There's always plenty to do, but I like to work.

We went to Starbucks -- good. I had a coffee frap (so did Adeena).

I'm still trying to figure out how I got more than 7,000 steps today -- good.

I've been having awful and nearly constant leg cramps -- bad. But I had 85 (!!!!!!) for my blood sugar this morning -- really, really good. Especially when you consider I ended yesterday with a cookie. And normally pain will elevate my blood sugar...

I met with Jessica and Sue B. in advance of our afternoon meeting to give them a 'heads up' on how things would go during the meeting (good).

I walked with Rich to get some lunch -- they had one of my fave home made soups (good). I bought a sandwich, too, but was full after my cup of soup (good). My appetite remains small (good).

Jessica and I left for the meeting held at the gas building (our office used to be there years back). I smashed my left foot REALLY HARD (the entire foot) while getting in her car (bad). It really hurt -- still does hours later (bad).

The meeting is always nice. I like the people who are involved -- volunteers, like me (good). It's nice to see them again each year (good).

I did a TERRIBLE job during the meeting (bad). I really forgot things (bad). And sounded like an idiot more than once (really bad). I embarrassed myself (really bad). I've never been more happy for that meeting to be over (sigh).

We're heading down to the car, carrying stuff. I have stuff in my arms, plus a box of stuff. The bottom falls out of my box (!!!) and the contents land -- yeah, you guessed it -- on my left foot. Man, there aren't words for how much pain I was in at this point.

I managed to gather the stuff in my arms, and carry the flat, empty box somehow (Jessica is carrying her own full box and additional stuff). We get to the machine to pay for parking and it won't take any card she tries to give it! So I juggle my stuff and give it cash (which thankfully works). Annoying, but okay.

We get back to the office. She's terribly kind about my poor performance, but I'm smarting from not performing well.

Here's my thing: Prior to all training sessions and all meetings I'm involved with, I pray to do a good job conveying information to whomever else is involved. I want to be able to impart the information necessary to help others do a good job. I really hate to fail at that goal... And I run part of this meeting and have done so for years and years successfully.

We get back to the office and I pack up and Adeena and I head to my house. We're supposed to meet Marilyn and Leslie at the show to see "Wonder Woman" in the evening. We get to the house and plan to take a short nap. I'm constantly tired right now due to the leg cramps keeping me from getting a decent night of sleep ever. So I really want an hour of rest.

Estelle (our neighbor) brings over an invite to her retirement party -- good. Which is on the day after GFP -- bad. I doubt we can go...

Adeena lies down on the sofa in the living room and I lie on top of my bed in my bedroom (good).

Henry almost immediately starts to HOWL LIKE MAD. Not his usual howling, but even louder! And he won't stop. I finally get up and follow him downstairs. He takes me to Marilyn's bed, where he eventually howls and howls, then poops a small, hard turd out. I quickly clean it up -- no big deal. He gets constipated and will howl at me like I somehow 'help' him just by being there. Then he goes to his potty box and is straining to get out more poop. After that I take a wash cloth and wipe his poor butt for him. He finally stops howling at some point.

Meanwhile Colin is retching and retching and he throws up. I think he was trying unsuccessfully to get up a fur ball.

Marilyn texts back and forth with me. Then she finally calls and says we NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT AWAY -- otherwise we'll be late! I've kind of spaced where we're going to the movie.

We head toward the Lloyd Center. Adeena has told me we're going to the Lloyd Mall to see the film. I have it in my head that it's the old theater that used to actually be in the mall (I guess that's gone now -- if I knew that, I've totally spaced it). Her phone is giving her crazy instructions to get to Lloyd Center, so I tell her a different way. We park near where Court headquarters is, and I limp inside.

Marilyn phones us. Good thing -- we're supposed to be at the theater that's across the street! There used to be TWO theaters -- one was the Lloyd Cinema, the other the Lloyd Mall. Now there's only the one. We run (limp) to the car and drive over there and park and dash (limp) inside. I get popcorn and pop and we get seats -- I actually liked where we were sitting. It's Adeena, Marilyn, Leslie and me.

Thankfully I have on my vest and leather jacket, as it's COLD in there! Leslie had taken off her jacket and had to put it back on. It turns out poor Marilyn was freezing!!! She had no jacket at all. (sigh)

The movie was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it. It was far, far better than I would ever have guessed! We all four love it. It's getting great reviews, too. So that was super-good.

We come home and grab a bite to eat and I'm so damn tired I fall asleep in my chair! Bad.

I need to do the garbage and recycling. Well, it's not 'real' garbage week (happily). But I didn't do my pills today (bad). And I need to take my nighttime meds -- of course. And I need to get the cat boxes changed (sigh) and take out the recycling. Which I haven't done, because I needed to stop to blog -- always a good thing! (smile)

Just being with friends and seeing a movie puts me in a good mood, by the way. And Marilyn always makes me happy. So a bad day ended well. There's no such thing as an all-bad day, after all.

I'll be glad to get the roll bin down to the curb and the cat boxes cleaned. And I need to clean the cat water, too.

And head to bed, as I'm beyond tired...

My meeting might have been bad, but I'll get over it. At least it's done for another year! Hahaha.

I still don't know how I got 7,000 steps today! Ironic that I'm getting so many steps at a time that I'd prefer to get less. But exercise is always a good thing, after all.

I bet my bloodcount will be good again tomorrow (in spite of whatever pain I'm having). That's pretty amazing...

The Queen was picked today -- that has to be a load off for Marilyn, as the judging process is pretty intense and exhausting.

Tomorrow is another busy day. And tomorrow night is our VIP party! And after that, the Seether concert. A long, long day!

I need to finish up and head to bed when I'm done with this.

And in spite of all I just shared, I'm probably missing a bunch of stuff, as there's so much that happens in a day during the actual festival! Several things just popped into my head, but I'm letting those go. I need to get going!

Good night and sweet dreams!