April 28th, 2017


At the Beach House with Jeff

We were supposed to be bringing Colin and Henry with us to the beach. But Colin HID twice -- once before Marilyn got home from the office, and again just when we were getting ready to leave.

I got CRAZY trying to find him! There just aren't that many spots for him to hide! But I eventually found him squirreled away under the stairs in the laundry room. And when I tried to move him he hissed at me. I was just shocked! I moved all the boxes around until he finally came out reluctantly on his own. By that point Marilyn and I had decided to let the cats stay home. And instead of staying at the beach house until Sunday, we're coming home tomorrow (Saturday), instead.

That's okay, actually. We'll watch some of our usual shows Saturday night (depending on when we get back to Portland). And we'll go in to the office to WORK on Sunday -- which is just fine by both of us. We have so much to do right now.

I had gotten ready in the morning, except to put on my makeup. But that went to hell with the cats. And Marilyn was pretty fed up with me (deservedly so) by the time I was actually ready to leave. We went the long way (my idea), and we didn't get here until 5:00 p.m. (And we were in Astoria during rush hour, which sucked.)

But it was a nice drive most of the way (with a little rain early on). It was a pretty mild day.

Jeff was golfing in Astoria and joined us shortly after we got here. Then we sat around and talked and drank, and finally drove into Seaside and went to the Shilo Inn where we could sit in the bar looking out at the ocean. We had a bite to eat and discussed work and some changes we plan to make this year.

Then we went and walked on the beach, going all the way down to the shoreline (and the surf was really, really far out there!). And walked back again. I was getting pretty chilled by that point, as it was dark and had gotten cooler.

Then we came home and had more to drink. (smile) Well, I didn't drink any more alcohol, but both Jeff and Marilyn did. And we used On Demand and got the 2016 movie: "Doctor Strange" (with Benedict Cumberbatch). Some of you may remember the actual Marvel Comic book that got started back in 1963. Marilyn and I rarely ever read Marvel Comics (I really don't know why). We were DC fans. (smile)

The movie was quite entertaining and I only drifted off once for a short moment. Hahaha. I'm tired. Yesterday was a big day.

Jeff is now downstairs watching TV. Marilyn is in her bedroom and I'm in our office area blogging.

We don't have an actual 'office' here at the beach house. But there's a LARGE landing at the top of the stairs, just outside my bedroom. We not only have a desk set up (with a desktop PC computer, a file cabinet, printer and two large bookcases, but there's room for an armchair, ottoman and lamp to create a sort of sitting area/reading nook. Believe me, it's a large as many home offices, even if it's not enclosed.

The desk is metal with a green glass top. The file cabinet is made of wood and came from IKEA. It was such a bitch to put together that I gave up on it and had our handyman Ralph do it. Hahaha. The computer is an old one running Win XP, but it has dual monitors. There's an HP printer, but we never use it, so I've no clue if it even works. Hahaha. I could probably scan with it, at least (but don't remember if I ever have).

I talked to Kris in the morning about his invoice and a few other things. And I talked to Donn, too. I had left a message to talk to Rich, but that didn't happen. Hopefully I can work that in on Monday...

Jeff felt he did a good job golfing today. He didn't know for sure, but he believes he lowered his handicap. He's going to play at his regular club tomorrow and enter the information (I don't know what that means exactly -- but that's what he told me. Anyway, that's when he'll find out for sure.

I'm sure the cats are fine. They had plenty of food and water, lights on all over the house and the heat was turned up, so they'll be quite warm. Lately the cold really bothers both of them. Sometimes they get very unhappy during the night or in the morning when the house is cold.

Katie is officially done at the Rose Festival, moving on to a new job. She will be missed, that's for sure. She was pretty amazing during these past six weeks.

Monday Adeena will start as a Seasonal employee, working with Jessica. She'll be writing parade scripts, and I'm the Editor, so we'll do a lot of work together. And she's going to help with the website, too.

Donn is coming in early on Monday to set Adeena's Profile up again. It's still on one of the machines, happily, so he doesn't need to do the actual Profiling. And her machine will go into what is currently Jessica's space (Location L). Jessica will move to Katie's space (Location C). And Katie's machine will go where Adeena's computer is currently (Location W, I think!).

Then I'll re-train Adeena and we'll start talking about the website and other stuff. I'm excited about that!

Jeff, Marilyn and I will have a meeting on Monday with Sheila -- I think we settled on 3:30 p.m. (after a meeting Jeff is having). Sheila had set the meeting (without being asked to) for 1:30 -- but that didn't work for any of us.

I also found out that Sheila set Carol up on Quickbooks -- even though Marilyn had specifically told her not to. I'm not going to say at this point how I feel about this. But maybe you can guess.

There are going to be changes in our future. But things always change, so I guess that's no surprise. Hopefully we'll make changes that will improve the festival and make it easier to do the work needed to run it. I pray we'll make things better, which is always my sincere hope.

Last night I woke up from a nightmare around 5:00 a.m. and went to sit up with Marilyn. She was already awake and on her iPad when I joined her in the family room. (That's often true!) Later I went back to bed, and woke up with TERRIBLE LEG CRAMPS (sigh) again. I was sipping Gatorade all day long. (I should have brought more with me, but oh well. I'm drinking water as I type this.)

Well, time to put on my MELON cream (smile) and head to bed!

I hope all YOUR dreams are happy ones! Sleep well, friends.