April 26th, 2017

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Festival Work | Cleaning My Bedroom, Too

I got up with Marilyn this morning. She was facing another busy day in the office, and I had website stuff to do here at home. Marilyn was really tired this morning, so she actually slept in a little bit.

I went right to my computer, anyway.

Early on I got an email asking about Quickbooks use, so I started doing research about the proper way to close out of Quickbooks. Actually, I started researching the proper way to close out of ALL software applications! I decided I needed to add this general information to my training for new personnel. And I wanted the Quickbooks info in document form for EVERYONE who touches the software.

It was interesting to find that many people actually DO corrupt their Quickbooks by not closing out properly! And considering our issues this year, this matters a great deal. I found the explanation several times, and tweaked out my own version that I typed up in Word (with photo examples). When I finished it up I turned it into a PDF.

Intersting -- anusing? -- thing? I totally FORGOT to do my normal morning routine with testing my blood AND injecting my insulin! Since starting insulin this has never happened except for two times when I was really sick.

I did have yogurt (Activia) and a cup of coffee in the morning, anyway. (Usually I don't eat until after both things are done!) I didn't do these until AFTERNOON (!!!), so I was amazed my blood sugar was 165.

In the afternoon I went to look for something -- I don't even remember what -- in my top dresser drawer. Somehow that got me to clean out that drawer! Hahaha. Which turned into cleaning out a couple of drawers. Which turned into cleaning up my entire bedroom -- while still doing my festival work (I got a bunch of things done). As I later said to Marilyn, it was what she's always said: the more you do in a day, the more you can do. That's always worked for both of us, anyway!

Things were still stirred up today about the 82nd Avenue event that was supposed to happen this coming Saturday. This was going to be year ten of the event. It's one of Sanctioned Events, so that came into play. It's important to note that Rich has always been a huge supporter of the event, by the way. Long story short: there was going to be a Republican-sponsored float in their parade. And many people were protesting about it online, and threatening violence! About a parade entry! And an entry that appeared in the parade last year with no issues. Event organizers cancelled the parade. And asked for us to change this on the event page at our website.

Plus the festival was being asked for a statement, so that was being worked on all day. Once Marilyn had that eady, Rich and I discussed it. Then Marilyn and I discussed it. And finally I put it up at the website as a News item.

I was trying to talk to Adeena for hours! She starts work in our office on Monday -- and we haven't talked for ages!!!

And June called and said she was having TROUBLE again with her iPad (!!!). So I ran over there to check it out. Thankfully it was NOT her iPad -- it was a link to OregonLive.com I'd emailed her that simply wasn't working. They have a lot of issues with their website. Partly because of ads that need to load. Lots of news-related sites use ads to pay for their websites. Whatever they're doing, it just freezes stuff up. I had just complained to Marilyn YESTERDAY that their Search engine at the site totally doesn't work!

When I got home from June's, I finally got to talk to Adeena. I'm excited to have her start again. One of her jobs will be helping me with the website. She and I need to chat, as she hasn't been able to be at any of our website meetings so far this year, and we've made some changes to how we're doing things in 2017.

I think she can learn some of this more compicated stuff I've recently been 'learning' (reasoning out!!!). Actually, I'm SURE she can, as she has a very good grasp of WordPress. This isn't standard stuff, though -- it's design-specific to the festival website. Anyway...

Marilyn and the cats are awake now, even though it's past 3:30 a.m. (Hahaha.) Actually, the cats seem to be very nocturnal lately! Sleeping all day and wanting to run all night. We've been a little worried about Colin, as he's been in the downstairs tent (!!!) sleeping a ton, instead of coming upstairs during the day. He's being really cute tonight! (And Henry is very horny. He's such a horny cat! Hahaha.)

We just had our raspberries, even though it's nearly time to get up! We put them out last evening to 'warm up,' then both ended up asleep and not waking until well past midnight! Marilyn needs to wash her hair now, and has already been putting some laundry she washed earlier in to dry...

I MUST (finally) color my hair tomorrow (today!). And do dishes (that I already have loaded), and get some of my own laundry done! No matter WHAT else I do tomorrow (today), this tops my list!!!

The Fifty Shades movie is playing, the dryer is running and the shower is pouring water. All nice sounds in our little domestic world. (smile)

I'm again typing this on my iPad, too lazy to go to our office and sit at the desktop computer when I can just lie way back in my family room chair! Hahaha. By the way, it's somewhat amazing how FAST one can type using a stylus and hunt-and-peck to do it! I always thought using the hunt-and-peck method was a CRAZY way to type! (I had a boyfriend I really gave a hard time because he couldn't touch type!) But it's the way it works on an iPad -- plus I do know where all the keys are, of course.

Time to go back to bed for a couple of hours. Hopefully!

Jeff is heading to our beach house tomorrow (today -- I think I can quit saying that!!!). He needs to GOLF! He's having real trouble lowering his handicap the way he needs to. (sigh)

Marilyn and I will head down to the beach house Friday afternoon (with the cats, this time).

I've been reading "Quo Vadis," which I haven't read in many, many years. A very entertaining read, well worth a re-read! And I just bought the most recent 'Victorian San Francisco Mystery' book, "Deadly Proof," by M. Louisa Locke -- and started reading that, too. That's more like me. I really haven't been reading much in the way of my old/usual pattern! Instead I 'comfort' read -- reading one of my very favorite books (among several) OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I have books I love so much that I'm never bored by reading them, no matter how many times I do. And since I was so sick last summer, I just fell into this 'comfort' reading thing -- and not reading a bunch of NEW books, several all at once (which has been my 'norm' since grade school!!!).

I think I need to exam this stuff sometime. Marilyn and I love watching 'comfort' TV, too -- old shows we've been watching for years. Yes, we do watch lots of new stuff, too. But we LOVE the old shows so much. Just like I love certain books. Is this a part of aging? Probably. I just asked Marilyn recently if she thought we enjoyed "Golden Girls" more now that we're older, and she replied "yes." Interesting, anyway.

Sorry I'm so long-winded tonight! Time to sleep a bit more...

Wishing all of YOU sweet dreams!

(God, this movie had some steamy scenes! Whew!)

Oh! One last note. We had decided we'd get the CD of the movie soundtrack -- then burn it to our iTunes library. That way we'd have the CD, and the digital music. But we haven't been able to find it anywhere for sale! I guess CDs are becoming obsolete! Surprising to me, but I suppose it's inevitable...