February 22nd, 2017

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Busy Day Working From Home

First, we're having COLD, COLD weather again (damn it, anyway!). June even had me looking out to see SNOWFLAKES at one point! Good grief. We're so DONE with this cold weather here in Portland. It's not normal for us at all.

I went out after dark tonight to stick the oil -- not easy when it's dark outside!!! And discovered a bunch of standing WATER pretty close to the house! Yikes! I fixed the second (smaller) tarp and hope it will hold this time. We'll be in a world of hurt otherwise.

We're not flooding yet, but June and Jim are! In their sunroom, again. Little wonder, considering how much rain we've been getting!!!

I did a bunch of work from here at home for the festival. Setting up Profiles, for one thing. CityFair now has a standalone email. And Jessica has a Profile, again. Plus three generic ones for the Group Sales team.

I was on the phone about work ALL DAY LONG. Every time I'd get on a personal call I'd get interrupted -- often several times! (With sister Sue, June and Shari. Ridiculous, but true...)

And I did a HUGE email to Marilyn spelling out all the IT regarding current things, including the three new personnel. More about that soon.

And Rich and I ran through a PR for Friday morning. I still need to get it ready for the website.

I'm tired and have dinner in the microwave (we just got home from the store), so I'm going. Marilyn was barely home from work (really LATE) before deciding we needed to pick up some essential items...

I also did a bunch of laundry today, between working on the computer and iPad. Man, I'm worn OUT tonight!

Anyway, sleep well, friends!