January 23rd, 2017


Festival Work (Tons!), Shopping (with Sue) and CHORES!!!

First off, I (FINALLY!!!) stuck the oil -- we have around 150 gallons. That's probably LOW, which is no surprise in light of how COLD it was in December and the first half of January! In the past on rare occasions when we had especially cold winters, we've had to order oil a second time. I'm going to watch it very carefully for the next several weeks, and stick it once every week. Marilyn is hopeful we won't have to reorder, considering we have a LOT of other expenses right now. Plus we had the tree (not expected) and we've got my eye appointment (expensive -- no insurance). I guess we'll see... On the other hand, I won't let it go too far down, so...

I started today with a bunch of work-related things. I needed to get Donn going with the Profile for Nasiem (the seasonal waterfront assistant for Steven for this year). I had created the Profile, but he didn't have her full name and title, or the password. And then I needed to get her phone set up (that's my job).

Next I needed to create a Profile for Suzanne, the seasonal special events assistant for this year (she'll be helping Marilyn). And make sure Donn had all the info on her, as well.

At one point I contacted Inflow again. Scottie had called on Friday right before we were leaving for my doctor appointment, so I'd told him we could talk today. I still wanted to see if we could resolve the issue. I ended up with another guy who was very helpful -- and happily we did resolve the issue, which was actually a Trusted sites thing with Internet Explorer. Originally when we moved Christine to her new OS (some time back), we had this SAME ISSUE. I never called Inflow about it, because I resolved it on my own. But for whatever reason, I didn't take notes! Now I've now only created notes to explain how to fix it, but I've created a page at our Admin HowTo website, and explained it all clearly there. So we should be good to go in the future!

I called sister Sue in the morning to see if she could take me shopping at Freddies today, which she kindly offered to do. But I got a LOT of interruptions about work before we finally set a time! Hahaha.

Had Starbucks at Freddies. (They have those holiday bears on a great sale now! I might have to buy them. They were ridiculously EXPENSIVE originally! But the price is right now...)

Before we went shopping I was able to set up the following:
1. A new hair appointment for both of us for next Thursday (replacing the old one that was snowed out).
2. An eye appointment for Friday morning.
3. A dental appointment for next Monday (12:30 p.m.).

So far today I have 5,200 steps, by the way. But actually I'm supposed to be limiting walking right now (after my bursa injection from Friday). Oh well.

I was tired out after shopping. I got cases of pop, bags of kitty litter, a case of water and several large bottles of water (we use for making coffee and for the cats). Along with other groceries. So it was HEAVY LIFTING TIME, believe me! (whew) I decided NOT to mess with putting away the Christmas tree until Thursday, anyway...

Can't think of other things I'm forgetting to mention. I was proud of myself for coding those instructions and putting them at the How To website, that's for sure! It's not always that easy to get myself to do written instructions as well as I used to -- it's a lot of tedious work. I used to have more free time, but I have a LOT to do these days.

Marilyn had a super-busy day, too (as she always does!!!). And she went to the dentist this afternoon. Her one break during the day was to take a short walk. It was a really PRETTY and sunny day today! Lovely!

Right now she's in Donald, Oregon with her massage therapist. She really needed to go, believe me.

I'm coloring my hair (boy, does it NEED IT bad!!!), before going to work tomorrow. I should have colored it the week before last. Hahaha. I wanted to wait until AFTER getting it cut, but gave that up. I hate to have a bunch of white hair mixed in with my dark hair. Especially went I'm practically sitting nose to nose training someone new! No reason to let them think I'm OLD -- because I'm not. And if we're getting technical, I started getting white hair just out of high school, so...

I'd love to have a nap. Wish I was DONE with my hair. (sigh)

I also had to spend time hunting down my CS2 disks to take to the office. The ones we have there have stopped working. I hope these will work!!! We really rely on that software! I originally got these from my friend Martha, years and years ago. They're very old.

I was going to make a copy to take in, but couldn't get my copy software to work, so I gave that up. I don't like taking the originals in, but what choice do I have? We really need this software to do our jobs...

I hope the training goes well tomorrow -- and Wednesday, too! I'm looking forward to the new staff members. And I have another new person to train on Wednesday of next week. It's that time of year!

I'm sure keeping poor Donn busy lately, that's for sure! Gosh, there's so much work to do.

I had to phone Kris about my Outlook at work. I couldn't get logged in. I wonder if he was able to fix that? I never heard back from him. (sigh) It's a pain having to do things on my iPad instead of my desktop!!!

Time to wash out my color!!!