January 7th, 2017

frightful weather

Snow -- Expecting Freezing Rain!

A pretty quiet Saturday, all in all. We spent a lot of time just lying around watching TV and playing on our iPads.

But we DID drive out in the snow to Freddies and picked up a few items -- and had Starbucks in-store.

I also refilled the frozen hummingbird feeder, and put out food/seed for the birds/critters. And HOT water, as all their water dishes were frozen solid. (The water cools for them to drink pretty fast, but doesn't freeze over for a little longer if it's hot when I fill the dishes.)

This evening (just before 9:00), Marilyn and I walked out in the snow to the corner store (we got some donuts). Then we went over and walked a bit in the park. For the most part it wasn't miserably cold -- but then we both found our HANDS were cold, even inside our gloves, so we headed right back home again.

We've got the water running constantly -- and we don't dare turn the furnace down too far at night. Both are MADDENING. Normally we turn the furnace off when we sleep. And clearly the water wouldn't be running all the time. Hahaha. Anyway, better safe than sorry!

Driving was fine. We only slipped one time -- on our own street right before pulling into the driveway. And we didn't slip out walking, either.

So far we've ONLY had snow. Very fine (dust/powder) and very dry. And not much of it. But we're EXPECTING freezing rain and a real MESS any time, that is supposed to last into Monday morning's work commute... (sigh)

I didn't feel like messing with taking down Christmas today -- even though we're both sick of looking at these decorations. Maybe I'll start tomorrow.

We had popcorn and watched Svengoolie tonight (as we almost always do on Saturday nights). Tonight the movie was "The Shadow of the Cat," a 1961 Hammer film. We both enjoyed it -- and we'd never seen it before. As we're fond of saying, it was 'like a party' eating our popcorn and watching the show.

I never blogged that Marilyn got her Svengoolie t-shirt this past week. Angel had gotten it for her as a Christmas gift. It's very cool!

Marilyn is playing Zuma beside me while I type this. (smile) We still love that game!

We already played SimCity BuildIt at midnight (as we do almost every night). They made a GREAT new change to the game! Now they have 'clubs' you can create. And you can join these -- and interact between cities! This is especially GOOD for us, as we can share items we need (sell them to each other). We're loving that.

I can't think of anything else to share, really. Our focus is on the weather, which we're hoping won't be as bad as they're saying.

The cats are still trying hard to stay warm. Today Colin was INSIDE HENRY'S FAMILY ROOM TENT (!!!), which is unheard of! He's never done that before, just a sign of how cold he must have been. Colin has already taken over the upstairs tent that's usually used by Henry. Generally Colin isn't a 'tent cat,' but this weather has them both hunting for places to stay warm!

Marilyn's cough is much, much better! I'm so happy for her!!!

Stay WARM and HEALTHY, friends!