December 21st, 2016


Annual Dinner With Micki and Vern, Julie, Shannon and Stacy!

This is an annual gathering during the holidays (last year we got together on December 21, in 2014 we met on December 22, and in 2013 on December 21).

The first year it was Micki and Vern, Julie and Greg and Shannon. Since then it's always Micki, Vern, Julie and the two girls, Shannon and Stacy. Vern doesn't sit down at the table with us, so it's turned into mostly a girls party. (smile)

This year we ate the same dinner as the second year: Salad and pizza. Micki always sets a LOVELY table, and the house is beautifully decorated for Christmas!

We have a WONDERFUL time together! It was fun this year to have everyone carrying on about the weight we two had lost -- and all the kind comments about how good we looked. (grin) They got the benefit of not seeing us for a year, so I'm sure it stood out more for them.

As in the past, Marilyn and I were thankful for GPS in getting to their house over in Vancouver. Especially as we had HEAVY FOG (!!!) here in our neighborhood when we left the house. Marilyn was able to get home at a reasonable hour, considering she had a ton of meetings today (so busy!!!). As she said as we drove there, she's the one who comes directly from work, so she does her best not to be late, but it's not that easy...

Julie had seriously hurt her shoulder during the year and now has a frozen shoulder, so Marilyn could relate (as she has had both shoulders end up frozen in the past). The big surprise was that Stacy is pregnant (due in six weeks!) with a baby boy. They hadn't planned to have another child, but I guess Baby had other ideas! Hahaha. Stacy was telling her doctor she was lactose intolerant when he suggested she have a pregnancy test...

Shannon quit her job at Yelp and has moved on -- even though they tried hard to get her back again. She and her boyfriend have bought a house in Arizona, so I think she's sincerely making that state her home.

It was great fun -- as always -- catching up. We always chatter like crazy!

Micki always sends us home with Christmas presents. And we always have something for her and Vern. But this year we gave to Julie and the girls, too. (Cards with movie gifts cards inside.)

Donn, Denise and Ashley dropped by earlier today so I could give them their Christmas presents. They didn't stay long, but we still managed to have a nice visit!

I think maybe Henry's eye is a little BETTER today (thank God!!!).

June and I talked about going to breakfast with sister Sue on Friday. I guess I need to tell Sue, now! Hahaha. So we were planning on June, Jim, Sue and me. But when I mentioned it to Marilyn, she reminded me that she doesn't work this Friday! So now it looks like we can ALL go together! I'm very excited.

Marilyn had also suggested that June and Jim and the two of us not exchange gifts this year, but just take one another out for dinner, instead. So I guess that's what we're going to do. We love spending time together, so that's a perfect gift.

Marilyn and I were drinking eggnog -- and Vern was making it with Maker's Mark -- an especially fine bourbon, in case you're unfamiliar with the name. (Back in the 60's and 70's, Maker's Mark was advertised with the statement: "It tastes expensive -- and is." Believe me, so true. (smile) I had a bit too much of a good thing. (I think Vern was using a generous hand.) And I've currently got the headache to prove it...

Well, we're off to work tomorrow, so I need to take my headache and head to bed.

Rich and I plan to go to Starbucks together in the morning!

And the best news??? Marilyn really seems MUCH, MUCH BETTER now! She was barely coughing this evening! I'm so glad!!!

Sleep well!