December 17th, 2016


Marilyn is SICK | We Watch Our Saturday Shows

Marilyn is VERY sick. She still has a running nose and congestion and a fever. She feels lousy. She was DOWN all day long and slept a great deal today (which I think is a good thing). She has an awful cough. I'd like to say it's getting better, but I'm not sure that's true.

I did try to get a hair appointment with Kathy (my hair dresser) for either today or next week, but that wasn't possible. I'm disappointed, but oh well. It is what it is. I can live with it. I need to start making my appointments way in advance, the way most people do. I've been pretty spoiled in the past...

I forgot to mention that I cancelled the special dental plan that Mary had encouraged Marilyn to sign up for to help with my dental costs. Marilyn had asked me to do it, and interestingly enough, they called just before we took off on Friday. So that's done, anyway...

Today was another icy day. The snow has moderated a little, but it's still around.

June told me today that they never picked up the recycling this week. Wow, I was surprised. They managed last week. But Marilyn said it was much worse this week. I wonder if they'll just wait until next week now? Anyway, I stuck it down on the curb, just in case.

Jim was going to take me shopping, but I just couldn't get myself up and dressed to go. We need some groceries, but I'll figure it out tomorrow... (sigh)

I did make dinner and popcorn for the Svengoolie movie tonight. And I tried to make some peanut butter cookies -- using the new cookie sheets I got. But they all burned. We had this happen before when we made cookies several years back. We had a bunch of different cookie sheets, but only one or two would work at all. I think it's the oven, which has always been too hot. It's very, very old. The range was in the house when we moved in -- and we've been here 20+ years now. Generally the oven works fine for what we do, as we very rarely bake anything. But I guess it's why my brownies always get too dry around the edges of the pan. And stuff like that. The second batch of cookies I turned DOWN the temperature, moved the rack to the bottom and baked them two minutes less. AND THEY STILL BURNED. (sigh) And I was using parchment paper, too (which is supposed to help). Oh well. It was very small batches, thankfully.

I don't think the mail came today, either. If not, that will be the first time I've noticed them missing delivering...

I had more vertigo today. Mild, but I did throw up, even so. (sigh) I've no idea what brought this recent flareup of vertigo on. But I've never known in all the time I've had it. So why should now be any different? Vertigo is kind of a catch-all term, by the way. I know quite a few people who have -- and a couple who have it much, much worse than I do. So whatever.

I read Marilyn John Green's Christmas short story out loud today. Very entertaining. She enjoyed it. I need to ask Nicole if she's read it (he's her favorite author).

They played one of our favorite Hammer films on Svengoolie tonight: "The Brides of Dracula." Peter Cushing is fabulous as Dr. Van Helsing! It's amazing to realize the film was made back in 1960! Wow...

I think that's it for tonight.

Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. (As our Aunt Mabel said to us EVERY SINGLE NIGHT we ever stayed with her as kids... smile...)