December 16th, 2016


Thursday: Snow Day with Jeff - Friday: Staff Christmas Fun

Thursday, December 15:
Thursday was another SNOW DAY here in Portland (Portland Public Schools were closed).

Jeff had told us on Wednesday that if schools were closed the next day, he planned to come over. So he did! We spent time at the house visiting and talking, then we went shopping at Freddies. All three of us needed to get things for the staff party on Friday.

It turned out Jeff HAD actually bought a set of 11 different flavors of vodka. He wanted to get something to go with it, so he bought some mixers (including orange juice).

I got a crock pot on an amazing sale (plus a couple of boxed meals that go with). Marilyn ended up getting the game Twister.

The interesting thing about Twister? I just read a John Green Christmas story that featured Twister! It's apparently very popular with teens again.

After shopping, we headed to Darcy's to have burgers and beer. It turned into a work-related meeting, so Jeff picked up the tab.

Darcy's has wonderful burgers. We were in the larger room. We'd never eaten there before...

I found a holiday bag for Jeff to use that he took home with him. And bags for Marilyn and me, too, thankfully!

NOTE: We knew on Thursday that schools would be closed AGAIN on Friday.

Crazy me! I totally forgot it was garbage day, and didn't end up putting out our recycling or composting! Thankfully it wasn't 'real' garbage week, or that could have been bad...

I did have to go outside and fix the tarp out back, which had come down! I really need to get a new one. (sigh) It's pretty torn. I put it up last year, so it's no surprise...

Friday, December 16:
We slept in. Then got dressed and ready and headed downtown for our Staff Christmas Party.

Marilyn and I parked in a parking structure close by to Embassy Suites where our party was being held. We stopped there to see if we could drop off our presents, as mine was big, bulky and HEAVY as hell. Fortunately they let us do that!

Carol had texted us on the way to town that the bar we'd planned to meet in for drinks before lunch was closed -- and to tell us the new place we were meeting. We arrived there at 11:30, and had two rounds of drinks there -- and everybody visited and joked and laughed and had a really great time! Then we headed over for lunch.

Unfortunately there were two sad notes. Lilia and her husband were in an auto accident on the way there (he dropped her off), and Rich took a FALL walking back to lunch. I didn't see Rich fall, but was told he hit VERY HARD! His right arm was really messed up. (I hope he sees a doctor!) Thankfully he didn't hit his head, though...

Lunch was in the wine room at the Embassy Suites (Hilton). We've had our Christmas lunch there before, but not in several years. It's quite nice! It was a pleasure to be waited on and have a nice lunch with wine (instead of having to bring food ourselves and do all the setup and cleaning up and so on).

Angel brought along Christmas music and played it. And at one point we had a sing along! Very nice.

The food was a choice of ham, turkey or vegetarian, all nice. And the dessert was AMAZING! The service was very good.

The gift exchange was great fun! Everybody draws a number, then in order each person either picks a new gift (as yet unopened), or gets to 'steal' a gift from someone else. Jeff's gift was quite popular. Marilyn's was, too. I never seem to pick popular choices -- hahaha. I got the crock pot thinking how I'd like to have one myself. And I always say you should get a gift you really like -- in case you end up with it. Marilyn stole it from Christie (who originally got it), then later I stole it from Marilyn. Hahaha.

Lots of stealing goes on. You can steal any given gift twice -- meaning the third 'owner' of a gift gets to keep it.

Marilyn had a cute 'Santa' robe outfit at one point, which she immediately put on. But Katie stole it from her! It was darling on both Marilyn and Katie. Marilyn got a cool Scrabble set, which made her happy. I was dragging my heavy crock pot right back to the car again after the party. Hahaha. Not sure where I'll store it at home -- or how often I'll use it. But I do think it's cool to have it.

I was delighted that Donn had sent in one of his boxes, even though he was unable to attend. And Jason (our new guy) took my advice and bought a bottle of alcohol -- a nice gin, actually. (I'd told him during training that alcohol is often popular... grin...)

Christine got Ashley's massage (with Amanda) gift certificate, that made her very happy. Jeff wasn't that crazy about his Swiss Army knife, though. Marilyn and I thought it was pretty cool! (smile)

After lunch a bunch of us headed to Huber's -- Portland's oldest restaurant (opened in 1879). Their signature drink is Spanish coffee -- and it's just WONDERFUL to watch them create it!!! (This was after a quick trip to the car to drop off some things.)

Huber's isn't very far from the Embassy Suites, so it was an easy walk.

I wasn't going to have more to drink, after my two drinks before lunch and glass of wine during lunch. But I couldn't resist the Spanish coffee when I saw it being made! And it is simply yummy. (But I really sipped it slowly, believe me.)

I sat with Carol at the bar. You couldn't get a table! Every single table was reserved. The place was packed. I can't tell you how terrific this place is. Really nice!!!

Then we headed back to the car: Marilyn, Angel and me. We were dropping Angel at the office, where his wife Cathy was going to pick him up. Then we headed home.

When we got home, Jeff texted us and wanted to have another drink. So I invited him over. He was late coming because he'd stayed to keep Christie company while she waited for her husband to pick her up. (Jeff is such a nice guy.) He got stuck in some bad traffic coming home...

Jeff stayed for a drink while Marilyn huddled under a blanket on the living room sofa. Then he finally headed home.

I'm sorry to say that Marilyn really isn't doing well. She clearly still has the virus running through her system, as she has a runny nose and is congested. But the COUGH is serious and has us both worried. She's concerned enough that she's decided she'll go to the doctor next week...

And she was terribly tired tonight, poor thing. And told me frankly that she just didn't feel good all day long.

But she set a date with Jeff to go to the show with him on Sunday. I think we'll have to see how she's doing before we keep that date!

Well, I'm watching Star Trek as I type this. And I'm certainly ready for bed myself.

It's odd how my vertigo has been acting up again recently. I was bothered by it again this evening. I can go for months -- and even years -- without a single incident. Then suddenly it will bother me for some time. I'm hopeful this will clear up soon. Meclizine helps a great deal, but I can't take it when I'm going out. It makes me really sleepy.

Marilyn needs to stay down tomorrow. As we're expecting MORE SNOW (!!!), that should be easy.

We're also expecting temperatures in the teens, which simply doesn't happen in Portland as a rule. They say we might break our record low for tomorrow, which goes back to 1964! I'm so sick of this cold weather. Well, of the snow and ice, anyway.

I'm off to bed. Keep warm and stay healthy, friends! I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season.