December 12th, 2016


Sunday: Concert -- Monday: Errands!

Sunday, December 11:
Sunday afternoon and night was spent with our friends Carla and Gary at the Tony Starlight Christmas show. The venue is cool, like an old fashioned nightclub! Lots of people (including us) were dressed up to be there. It was a dinner show, so first you have a drink, then dinner is served. Then the show starts -- very entertaining and interactive (in a good way -- no one ends up embarrassed).

The amazing Bo Ayars and his wife Barbara Ayars are part of this incredible show. Read more about them HERE. Barbara has an AMAZING voice -- and Bo is an incredible pianist. But his piano playing is just the tip of the iceberg! I was so delighted by him that I bought his book (he signed it). Good thing! There's not ONE WORD about either Bo or Barbara at Tony Starlight's website. Make of that what you will. I doubt I have to say what I think about it -- do I?

Anyway, it's Tony's show -- but it's far from a one-man production! He wouldn't begin to have the show he does without Barbara's vocals and all the work Bo does. But don't get me wrong: Tony is a very talented man.

During intermission we had dessert -- and they made sure everyone had plenty to drink the entire evening! Service was quite good.

We didn't get away until past 9:00 (and arrived around 4:30), so you can see it was a good chunk out of our day...

I thought Marilyn held up very well, considering she's still under the weather.

We ended up watching the movie "The Impossible" (with commercials) -- which is very difficult to view. It's a powerful film about the true story of the experience of Maria Belon and her family during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Very brutal! Very realistic! The acting and direction were INCREDIBLE!!!

Marilyn has the rented version (On Demand) on right now downstairs. It's really worth seeing, if you can STAND how realistic and horrible the events are! Painful to watch, but fascinating...

Monday, December 12:
Marilyn and I forced ourselves to go over and get our manicures done -- which we've needed for AGES now. Normally we would have had them done BEFORE my birthday. But with her so sick -- and all the terrible weather -- it's just impossible before this. I got a very sparkly red (and snowflakes hand-painted on two fingers), and Marilyn got gold!

Then we went shoe shopping at Jantzen Beach (where our nail salon is located, as well). We both got some really nice things. I got tall boots -- I can't recall the last time I had a pair! It's been YEARS. I just can't wait to wear them. She got three pairs of short boots, all very nice! (Gray, black and brown-- with fringe!)

Then we went over to Ross to shop for pants. She got a pair of red pants that are fabulous! And I got a pair of green pants that I love!

Anyway, we're both very excited about our new shoes and pants and looking forward to wearing them. It's really special to have lost weight as we both have and be able to buy some clothes that fit and look so nice...

Marilyn got dehydrated today, I'm afraid. She's been neglecting to drink enough, which often happens to her when she's sick. But she made a SERIOUS EFFORT to really take in a lot of liquid this afternoon and evening, so I'm very pleased with her. (The time she collapsed at work she was also dehydrated, so she's anxious NOT to ever repeat that again.)

We're unfortunately expecting MORE wintry weather this week. (sigh) Starting Wednesday evening and going into Thursday. Our staff Christmas party is FRIDAY, so we're really hoping it won't be ruined by this nastiness... (sigh)

Off to bed! I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, but it's late and I'm tired. More tomorrow.

Stay warm and healthy, dear friends!