December 9th, 2016


Catching Up!!! Monday, Dec. 5 through Friday, Dec. 9

Not sure WHY, exactly, but I just wasn't able to blog all this week. So I'm catching up the highlights of each day in this one post...

Monday, December 5:
The day after my birthday -- thanks again for all the greetings, guys!

Our friend Adeena came over on her lunch period and kindly took me grocery shopping. I bought her Starbucks (and got it for both Marilyn and me, too -- woo hoo). She put everything into the car for me, and helped me pack it all into the house, as well. Sweet.

Poor Marilyn was still down sick from her virus of last week. We spent the day quietly, watching TV and playing on our iPads.

Tuesday, December 6:
Marilyn went to the doctor early with Sue. They were meeting with the sleep doctor and chatted about her CPAP machine.

After that, Marilyn came back home to pick me up. We went to work, and they did my bday during staff meeting at the office. (Muffins and grapes as a treat.)

Donn was there working that day (putting batteries into computers that needed them).

Unfortunately I had vertigo and was pretty out of it during the Communications meeting, so after that Marilyn took me home.

I took it pretty easy the rest of the day, as I knew the plan was for Marilyn, Sue and I to go to dinner for a belated bday celebration.

Sue came over, and I was showing her my scarf from Charold and Rich. It's just amazingly soft, red plaid -- made in Germany! Anyway, Marilyn asked if she could have it, so I gave it to her. This is something of a tradition in our family, by the way. When Marilyn was very, very small, I got a stuffed puppy for my birthday, and Marilyn fell in love with him -- so I gave it to her. It became her favorite toy as a child, known as Puppy Dog! Over the years all three of us sisters have given each other things that the other one really wanted (not just me). And I was pleased to be able to make Marilyn happy with this gift.

Anyway, we were meeting Jeff at the restaurant, so the three of us headed over there. It's very close to home (the local Chinese place). We've eaten there often, and Jeff has been there a couple of times with us. We had our usual good time, enjoying drinks and good food and chatting like crazy. I had curry noodles and fried rice to eat (and brought leftovers home).

Jeff gave me a card and a gift card for seeing a movie. He's just the sweetest guy!!!

Wednesday, December 7:
Marilyn wore her new scarf (that I gave her) to work.

Katie -- who has been away for a month in Asia -- was BACK at work (woo hoo). We're all delighted to have her back!

We knew bad weather was coming on Thursday, so I did most of the garbage and recycling ahead.

Then I decided (not sure why) to clean in the laundry room -- and do some laundry. I did more organizing in the garage, too. I really made the laundry room a lot nicer (though it has a LONG way to go still). And I got several loads of laundry done, which was nice!

Marilyn came home late from work. Hard, I'm sure, after being out so sick!

We had a simple dinner of hot dogs (baked) for dinner.

We decided to watch the Live production of "Hairspray" on TV (missing "Designated Survivor"). I have to say that we enjoyed it very, very much!!! A lot of great talent. We almost didn't watch! I'm sure glad we did (Marilyn's idea). If you missed it and have a chance to see it later on, I highly recommend it.

Again, we knew there was a severe weather incident coming to the Portland area (pretty much the entire west coast!!!) on Thursday. Portland public schools announced school closures for Thursday late that night. It was nice knowing in advance that we'd be off the following day.

I made brownies sometime on Wednesday night...

Thursday, December 8:
Marilyn and I had brownies for breakfast. (smile) We had talked the night before about going out in the morning to get Starbucks -- and she needed more medicine. But she felt pretty damn bad Thursday morning! She just couldn't get up.

Anyway, Sister Sue and I went to pick up my prescription at Riteaid. (Interesting story there! Hahaha.) Then we went to Freddies shopping -- and to get Starbucks. It was just crazy-busy at the store! People were shopping like it was the Zombie Apocalypse. Hahaha.

Once again I had the Holiday Spice Flat white coffee. I'm really enjoying it! (I'll be sorry when it's gone after the holidays...)

Marilyn was very sick again. She was in meetings all day long on Wednesday without a break -- a very long day. And she had to talk all day long. So I guess it was little wonder she was so sick again the next day.

I spent ages working on the garbage and recycling, as it was 'real' garbage night. Gosh, it was SO COLD outside! And at one point it started raining -- freezing rain!!! I had a hard time getting it all done, even though I'd gathered most of it the previous day. The garbage can started to skid and slide and I could barely keep it from tipping over! But happily walking was okay while I was out there.

Friday, December 9 -- TODAY:
I had vertigo late Thursday night, so I took a Meclizine -- this made me sleepy much of today.

Marilyn and I were awake by 5:30 -- and they announced early that Portland public schools were closed for the day. We weren't sure they'd made the right choice, but we were sure GLAD they did!!! Marilyn needed today off, that's for sure.

I spent a lot of time sleeping today in my family room chair. And Marilyn and I played games on our iPads and watched TV, including Star Trek.

We watched "Last Man Standing" and "Dr. Ken" in the evening. And we watched "Shark Tank" (a Christmas version). We were especially impressed by by the Handout Gloves team, Jake Sullivan and Don Wildman (who is 83!). Don Wildman needs to be added to my list of impressive seniors, that's for sure!!!

I haven't mentioned the cats, but Colin and Henry have really been working to stay warm in this cold! Even when you run the furnace night and day, it's still cold. And, yes, we've been running our water in the sinks and bathtubs.

We tried our MINH Pork Egg Rolls out tonight. Very yummy! And they're precooked, so they only need a minute and a half in the microwave to fix them.

Back to watching "Star Trek" (no surprise) as we do every Friday night now.

The medicine story? They gave me my Meclizine in the end of November. Then again the first week of December. And AGAIN this week. Um, really??? This is a medicine I only use when I'm having vertigo, so it's never been on automatic refill. I did tell them I wanted to get it regularly from now on (so I'll always have it on hand), but this? Marilyn and I laughed and laughed and made a bunch of jokes! Needless to say (I'm sure), I would NEVER abuse this (or any medicine).

The weather situation here? They had felt it would moderate and clear out by this afternoon. Not a chance! We're still freezing and still having rain -- meaning freezing rain. It's a big mess. And so damned COLD!!! The garage is colder than outside. I've been keeping my magnum of champagne out there and even when I brought it in the house it stayed COLD for hours and hours! Hahaha.

We're just praying we don't lose our power!

Sweet dreams -- stay WARM and safe.