December 1st, 2016


Prayers for Frank...

Before ANYTHING else, I want to send out PRAYERS from both Marilyn and me to our friend Frank fbhjr, who is dealing with issues with his vision. Please join us in sending prayers and/or good thoughts to him (I so believe in the power of prayer and positivity). Thanks, guys.

Marilyn appears to be fighting a bug -- and there's been a bug running around our office. Carol has been out sick for two days -- and Marilyn used Carol's phone to take photos (our cell phones end up pretty germy even when we're not sick!), so...

We're a small staff in a small office building, so it's difficult for us not to pass sickness around. I decided against going in tomorrow, considering so many people who are AT THE OFFICE are ill. I'd like to avoid getting it. (I've had enough illness this year...)

Marilyn does NOT have the choice to stay home tomorrow. She has several important meetings (including budget) -- and she's talking with Kate about coming back to work for us again.

I guess we know what we'll be doing this weekend! Taking it easy so she can hopefully feel better sooner rather than later.

Sue took me shopping for a few ESSENTIAL items today. And we tried TWICE (before and after grocery shopping) to pick up the rest of my prescriptions -- which weren't ready the SECOND time, even though they'd told me to come back in half an hour (and I waited more than 45 minutes). Annoying, to say the least.

Marilyn said she has TWO DAYS left of one of her prescriptions, and they've just finally filled it! She thinks that's too damn close to running out, considering how hard it can be for her to get there to pick things up with her busy schedule.

I carried all the heavy stuff in from shopping. And did the garbage and recycling (garbage didn't go out this week, but I did gather it and put it in the rollcart).

I had another low blood count this evening. (sigh) I'm sure it will balance out sooner or later. Not sure if I hadn't eaten enough, or it was because I'd had too much physical activity, or what...

I baked brownies this evening. Yummy! (And very easy.)

I did some things today around the house, but was trying (well, some) to take it a bit easy in light of the rest of this week. I've been so tired. Oh well. Gosh, it was COLD today!!! (brr)

Marilyn worked really LATE again today.

That's it for today! I'm hoping Marilyn will feel better tomorrow (you can never tell, after all). And I'm praying Frank will be GREAT and not lose his vision.

Sister Sue went to her son Larry's house last night and had cribbage tonight. It was very nice of her to haul me around today.

I washed my hair and used my NEW HAIRDRYER that Marilyn bought me -- it works great!

Can't think what else to share, so I'm off to bed.

Oh! We were watching "Sister Act" and "Sister Act II" this evening on cable. Suddenly the grandfather clock was just chiming and going crazy. We always call that 'Mom talking to us' (it's never on the hour and always seems to happen when it's something that would interest her). I reminded Marilyn that years ago Mom gave me both of those movies on video tape (I still have them, but obviously don't use them). I guess Mom was telling me she was happy I still enjoy those two movies so much. (smile)

Sweet dreams!!!