November 12th, 2016

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Basically A Quiet Saturday -- Memorial is a Bust

Marilyn was feeling a tad under the weather today. Mainly, I think she was really, really tired after her long and stressful week! Often Saturday is a day we'd prefer to just stay in bed (or on the sofa and in my chair), getting a lot of SLEEP.

But we got up today and Marilyn did her hair while I went through my whole morning routine. We had the Memorial to attend (I've been saying funeral, but it really wasn't that). We drove over to the area where it was being held in a bar (which is more and more common, we find). There's absolutely limited parking, so we were driving around trying to find the place, then trying to find parking.

Fortunately it was NOT pouring down rain! So we walked over to the Memorial and saw a bunch of people STANDING OUTSIDE ON THE SIDEWALK in front of the bar. Through the windows we could see how terribly packed it was inside! Horrible, really. (I'm not exaggerating.) So after being there a few minutes, we departed. Marilyn was clear that she wanted to be there to pay her respects, but it was obvious we couldn't do that, anyway. And she wasn't going to stand outside for hours just for a chance we MIGHT see our friend. We'll contact her on our own...

After that we drove to the other bazaar we'd wanted to attend and had decided we'd need to miss. Last year we bought these clear glass boxes with colored Christmas lights INSIDE, that were decorated like packages. So lovely! And that same woman was there again, and we got another box -- this time it was red, white and blue for the Fourth of July!

We also bought two cute table lamps from a man that makes these. One was out of a tea kettle, the other from a bubble gum machine! Really cute. We'd been planning to get a couple of lamps anyway, so we could brighten our family room and living room.

Then we finally came back home. Marilyn really wasn't feeling well.

I stopped to take time to 'tie' (wire) up the rose in the front of the house, near the garage. I've been meaning to do it all week long. It was really a bitch to get it done, but I fought it until I was satisfied with the result.

Then we had bacon sandwiches for lunch. Easy to make and yummy.

I did talk to Candy today about sister Sue. Let's just say we're all worried about her...

Marilyn had turned on "Lethal Weapon 3," which somehow I'd never seen before! She was sound asleep on the sofa, and I just curled up in my chair and watched the whole thing...

Then I spent time nodding off in my chair and sleeping, between watching all the METV shows we love to see on Saturday night.

Now we're going to have some late night coffee and peppermint ice cream. (smile)

These shows run into the wee hours (all night long, really). And some weeks I just watch TV all night long. I really enjoy these shows (obviously!!!). But I'm very tired tonight, so who knows?

Earlier in the week, Marilyn and I had considered driving down to the beach this afternoon and staying overnight, coming home on Sunday (tomorrow). But Marilyn decided she was just TOO TIRED to do that. That's fine. We'll be getting down there to stay soon!

And that was our Saturday (pretty much, anyway).

Lots of REST and SLEEP to all of our friends this weekend! Sweet dreams!