November 10th, 2016


Amusing TV Commercial...

I just saw this commercial on TV a few minutes ago...

A darling little girl is using a toy wand to strike a big pumpkin. The third time it turns into a really darling, plastic coach (think Cinderella's coach here). Oh, yeah. They call it a Princess Carriage.

The cost? It's only $398.

Wait. ONLY $398??? Are you kidding me? We just ordered oil to heat our entire house that will last us until a year from now, and it cost us $466 dollars.

Does this coach turn into a bike when the girl girl grows into a pre-teen? And a car when she's old enough to drive? No, because it's PLASTIC, and it probably broke three weeks after she got it.

I'm trying to picture who has enough money to buy their little girl this coach. And even if they do have the do-re-me, is it WISE to spend it on something like this?

Yeah, I remember as a kid having elaborate daydreams about those little cars they made that you sat in and they actually had an engine driven by a battery. And I mean daydreamed. I knew damn good and well I was never getting one (nor did I ever ask for one, of course). God, I still remember how much I wanted that toy car. Hahaha. Right.

Four HUNDRED dollars (almost) for a toy coach made of plastic.

Okay! I looked it up online (of course). According to all I read, it takes two people more than two hours to put this together (and can take much longer). Doing the curtains is supposedly very hard. It needs charging for 18 hours the first time it's going to be used -- then it runs for around 45 minutes. It does drive like a little car! And I need to admit, it's really DARLING. But I did see people complaining that it was breaking within the first month of use...

Still, it seems crazy to me. But I'm not a parent. Some of you ARE, though. What is the most expensive toy you've ever bought your kids(s)? Just curious! (Maybe I've lost touch with what is spent on kids currently...)

Thursday: Another Day with Sister Sue

Thursday morning our oil was delivered. It was a chilly morning! That makes sense (hahaha), because I couldn't turn the furnace up because of the oil coming. Actually, I didn't end up firing the furnace anyway, as I knew once the sun came out the house would warm up naturally...

I chatted with the delivery guy just like last year -- same nice man. We've used this company for oil for years and used one of the two companies that combined to make the current company before that.

Edited to Add: Forgot to mention that Hector came to do the leaves today (which really needed it). In fact, he did a BEAUTIFUL job on the entire yard! It looks so nice now.

Anyway, I spent much of Thursday (I'm seriously backdating here, as it's now very early Saturday morning!!!) with my sister Sue.

She needed to go to Emanuel hospital for her echocardiogram and labs (blood work), prior to her doctor appointment next Monday morning. Marilyn had asked Sue about it, as Sue had mentioned the echocardiogram on Halloween -- and Marilyn always wants us to get our labs done BEFORE we go to see the doctor. Her reasoning is that if we get these on the day of the appointment, we (obviously) can't discuss the results with our doctor. Logical, right? (In fact, I don't understand why the DOCTOR doesn't automatically set it up that way.)

So we get to the hospital and they have an order for the echocardiogram -- but NO appointment. Sue was supposed to phone in advance to set that. She said she tried and never got a response to her calls. Anyway, we set up an appointment for 9:00 a.m. Friday morning, signing in at 8:45. Then she did the sign in procedure in the lobby for getting her blood done, and we were told it would be a wait of half an hour.

The place was PACKED WITH PEOPLE, which was why the long wait (it's not usually that long). We couldn't even sit directly by one another, it was that full.

Finally she's called over, and we head to the lab, where we're told she does NOT have orders for bloodwork. The woman helping us was very nice and offered to call Dr. Markin's office. She phones and they're at lunch. The woman with us suggests we drive over to the office and physically get the paperwork.

Because we both only know one way to get to Dr. Markin's, we drive back to St. Johns so we can go highway 60. On the way I realize I've taken my insulin and pills, but forgot to grab my food to eat on the drive. So we go to Starbucks at Freddies and I get something.

We get to Markin's building at Good Sam hospital, and the parking in the usual lot is full. So we end up in a lower parking garage, where we go to the wrong door and end up outside on the street. So we walk back around and into the parking garage again to find the elevator.

We get to the office and the woman who needs to write the orders is at lunch. So we sit down and wait. Ironically she told us she NEVER takes lunch, but a friend had called so she'd gone. She was very sorry we'd had to wait, but it was that kind of day, you know? We get the orders and the parking validation and Sue takes me home.

On the way I'm asking her again what her appointment TIME is for Friday. Sue's saying it's 8:00 -- but that's the time for Monday's appointment. So I ask her to promise me she'll call and check the minute she gets home -- then phone me back and let me know.

Later when she hasn't called me back, I call her. She's totally forgotten to do it. So I call and get the time confirmed. Then I phone Sue and tell her to WRITE IT DOWN. She's asking me when her appointment is for the bloodwork, but she's been told she can simply do it at the same time as echocardiogram...

Anyway, Sue heads off to cribbage (every Thursday night).

I get home and start working on the garbage and recycling (it's 'real' garbage week). I'm so fatigued -- downright exhausted -- that at one point my knees practically go out from under me. But I finally get it done.

Marilyn has been lucky to get home from work without being held up. Each night since the Election we've had protesters in the streets of downtown, and they've made a mess of the commute home for people. Plus this is NOT peaceful protesting. They've been confrontational, destructive and violent. I guess you could say the protests have turned into riots, I'm sorry to say.

It's hard to believe, but I'm already having a hard time remembering everything from Thursday! (One of the reasons I blog is to be able to jog my memory later. Hahaha!!!)

I think that's the main things for Thursday, anyway...