October 27th, 2016

autumn cobweb

Thursday Didn't Turn Out As Expected...

First, I should mention that my prayers and good thoughts go out to friends and neighbors June and her husband Jim. June's step-sister is in hospice and not expected to live much longer...

Donn and his wife Denise are still struggling to keep their home, so prayers and good thoughts go out to them, as well...

And sister Sue was quite sick today (I suspect she was unable to attend cribbage tonight, she was so ill all day long). Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow! We were supposed to go to lunch together today, and take some things to drop off at the Goodwill, but she suddenly got sick and was miserable, poor thing!

We're hoping to go to Costco tomorrow, if she's feeling better. (But I'm not counting on it. She's had some rough times lately...) And I do need to try and pick up prescriptions that are waiting at Riteaid, if I can ever remember that. Hahaha!

Excited for our friend, Shari! She went to a Halloween party and WON the costume contest! I think that's great.

Marilyn and I ate leftovers for dinner (along with some bacon). She was hungry, so I felt pretty bad for her! I can only imagine how hungry she gets not eating all day long until evening when she has dinner. (I couldn't do it.)

I did a little bit of yard work today. I cut the branches of the tree that were hanging down into the alley. I took some of these and put them into the brick planter by the front door. I like how they look (as there's nothing planted there), plus I'm thinking we'll put our pumpkins on these for Halloween (maybe).

Then I pulled up dozens of mushrooms growing in the side yard. The branches I cut, this week's compost and the mushrooms all went into our rolling cart (green) for compost. I don't usually have enough to put it out, but the branches were too big to stuff inside June and Jim's cart.

I also did the garbage and recycling, of course, as it's real garbage week. I was just running outside with the flowers from Marilyn's huge bouquet which have finally died. We were calling the last vase of these Halloween flowers, because they looked like something the Addam's Family would have in their house. Hahaha.

I tried to get the garbage and recycling (and composting) all done BEFORE Marilyn got home from work, but failed. So I was taking a bunch of it out in the DARK AND RAIN (of course). I had good intentions, anyway. (sigh) It was dry earlier. But as Dad and I always used to say, it always rains on garbage night. (grin)

We watched "The Middle" and "American Housewife" (On Demand) from this past Tuesday (we missed both), which both had Halloween themes.

Still suffering from stomach pains again today (especially tonight). These appear to somehow be tied to the insulin. I guess it's the adjustment period, so hopefully it will improve. Right now I'm pretty tied of always being in some type of pain.

Donn and I talked REPEATEDLY today about work. He's still dealing with the Symantec antivirus situation. Plus Carol's computer is about to bite the dust. This is NOT a surprise. She's needed a new one for some time now. I guess there's really no choice, now. He's going to baby it along and see what happens. But neither of us are hopeful the current machine can be saved. It's a cluster-f, as her setup differs from everyone else and is a big PITA. (sigh)

What ELSE did I do today??? I can't seem to recall right now. I'm just tired and ready to head for bed...

Oh! We got a Halloween card from our friends Arthur and William in Massachusetts in the mail today. So nice of them.

I'm ready to give the boxed lamp/table and over-sized metal bucket both to Candy, if she wants them. Both are brand new. We bought the lamp a few years back and didn't end up using it. And the bucket was a gift we also never used. (It's to hold ice and beverages for parties. We used to have a plastic one like it years ago and it was quite handy...) Otherwise it's off to the Goodwill for both of them. I'm tired of storing them when we have such limited space in the garage. And I've been slowly trying to tidy up the garage more and more...

Well, off to bed! Sleep well, friends.