September 18th, 2016


A Quiet Day for Me...

I slept until nearly 2:30 p.m. today. I have NO IDEA why -- I got to bed at a fairly decent hour, and slept fine last night...

And I was pretty much tired all day long, when I did get up.

Marilyn headed to the office to work (as planned) in the afternoon. And I sat reclining in my family room chair, watching TV and that's about it. And dozing. I guess because I was still sleepy!

Marilyn got home around 8:00 (I think). I was busy having low blood sugar at the time. I ran upstairs to test, was 62, then ate whatever I could lay my hands on to bring myself back up again. (sigh)

Marilyn wanted to go right out and get me food. But I was concentrated on just feeling lousy and lying there waiting to be okay again. We did finally go out and get McDonald's (I got dressed and went along). After that we watched more TV and I played on my iPad a bit. Yes, we're still obsessed with SimCity BuildIt. (grin)

I've had a couple of hot flashes this evening. Lovely. Just not my day, I guess.

I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow, so we can take a ride or something. We both love Marilyn Mondays!!!

Now I'm going to head to bed. Marilyn is already sound asleep. She put in several hours today at the office. She works very hard. And we're both still hacking. This virus is a bitch.

Sweet dreams, all! STAY HEALTHY if you can!