August 27th, 2016


Lazy Saturday...

Marilyn and I were both TIRED today, so we really didn't do much of anything.

We've been watching TV all day, playing games on our iPads (and tonight we were playing Zuma on our desktop computers in our office). We made a frozen pizza for lunch and each had a slice of peanut butter toast for breakfast.

And we did a lot of sleeping.

I also did a little bit of reading, but I was too tired to do much. (smile)

So our first day of vacation was quite lovely, really! Just relaxing and spending a totally lazy Saturday.

We've been watching TCM's James Garner flicks today -- pretty entertaining. One of our all-time faves, "The Great Escape" was included.

Well, we're going to watch more TV -- or our mini-series. Then head to bed soon.