June 27th, 2016


Frustrated. I Must Deal With the Remote Desktop Issue... (sigh)

I haven't been this FRUSTRATED in a long, long time. And believe me, when it comes to my work as IT Manager for the festival, there are CONSTANT frustrations. Right now I have a mental list that's making me crazy. Crazier? Hahaha. Ah, so true.

Since I became the IT Manager officially back in 2007, I've always been able to WORK from my home office. Or anywhere that I could get online and use Remote Desktop to access my work computer. And, yeah, the entire time there have been periods on and off where I could NOT access my work computer. So, in other words, struggling with this isn't new.

But somehow I've come up with solutions every time. This time around I'm pretty frustrated, because there doesn't seem to be ANY free solution. I mean, seriously???

Yes, Kris could probably get me back up with Windows Remote Desktop -- but that's NOT free. Kris is actually pretty expensive. And if he has to put in hours and hours of his time, then I'm screwed.

I'm locked out of TeamViewer. The cost is extremely high. Multiple user profiles (which is necessary) on unlimited devices costs $1,689 -- actually, right now it's on SALE until June 30 (two more days), for $1,469 (a savings of $200 -- and that ain't hay). There's no way we could clear this cost in two days, so there's no point to even mention it, anyway. It allows you to manage up to 400 unattended devices, which we would never need (thankfully!). Too bad there's no smaller package that costs less...

I admit, after looking at a bunch of other similar services, at least it's a ONE TIME payment -- and not a monthly fee. I just saw one that had outrageous monthly fees (hundreds of dollars per computer), so I guess TeamViewer isn't the most expensive service around. But still!!!

Meanwhile, I'm going nuts not being able to access my work computer from home. I suppose I need to accept the fact that I'm going to have to start going to the office daily and quit assuming I'll be able to work from home in the future.

I don't know why I fight that. I mean, work is work, right??? I'm just ridiculously spoiled by being able to work from my home office. It's not like I don't put in lots and lots of hours here at home. But I can sit around in my pajamas without showering, if you know what I mean. Hahaha. Yeah, that's the ticket! It isn't about work -- it's about comfort. I told you I was spoiled.

Anyway, I've got other IT things to check out, too. This crazy new message from the new Profile (Maleah). It sounds like her Calendar won't share. Good grief! You would have thought by now that I'd have seen every damn bad error message that Microsoft had created. I mean, I've seen tons and tons of them!!! What the hell is this one??? I tried to investigate it last week and wasn't having much success. I need to get on her computer and check it out, I guess. Man, with IT it's ALWAYS SOMETHING. Every single day in some crazy way.

And as I can't Remote in, there's no way to check it from home... (heavy sigh) I need to get my butt in there and sit at the machine. Okay then!

Marilyn is playing Zuma while I blog. She's doing really good! She got home at a reasonable hour tonight and we watched a bunch of TV. Love It Or List It (we love that show). And American Ninja Warrior (we adore it). Plus Wimbledon started today, so tennis was on for hours (starting very early).

Hot. It's hot right now, sitting in our home office. And the AC is running as we speak. I never heard how hot it got today. I just looked it up and saw 86'. I don't know if that's true, or not. But it was in the high 80's in the upstairs of our house for CERTAIN this afternoon when I turned the air conditioning on...

I really need to go wash my hair now. (To say nothing of my sweaty body! Hahaha.) So off I go...

(Yes, I still have a bit of laryngitis. And I'm not over this bug, even now. I just can't talk about it anymore! Some day I'll get my voice back, hopefully. And my energy.)