May 16th, 2016

no way lj, lj -- no way

Busy Monday Working From Home Office...

So, based on TWO different times recently when I had issues posting my entry, I'm going back to the 'old days' here at LiveJournal: I used to always type my entry somewhere else, then cut and paste it (so I wouldn't lose it). I know that sounds CRAZY, years later, that I'd still be doing that! But I really can't afford the energy, time or emotion that it costs me when I lose even a portion of my blog entry. Better SAFE than SORRY, after all! Well, years ago (in the early 2000's) this used to happen frequently. We made jokes about it! We especially thought you were stupid if you posted directly, knowing you were probably about to lose your work... I guess I'd forgotten about that until these recent glitches. So, I just tried to scroll to the bottom of the Home page here. Have you ever tried to do that? It's literally impossible! I wanted to go to the navigation there (where you can see a link to Support). Good luck with THAT. Why even have navigation if you can't touch it??? WTF, LJ???

Here's a link to the Support Guide. Guess what? lj_support hasn't had an entry since 2013 (!!!). Well, here's the link to LiveJournal NEWS -- which is UNDATED (such a bad policy not to DATE things, LiveJournal!!!). Really NOT helpful when you don't know how old or how recent an item is... (duh). I just wanted to see what were the current KNOWN ISSUES at LiveJournal. But that wasn't exactly easy to do. (Impossible.) There was a time when you could really track things here. In recent years I've been less active on that side of things, clearly. And apparently I'm not the only one, huh, LJ Admins? Hahaha.

Anyway, that's TWO LONG PARAGRAPHS on LiveJournal, so I guess I'll move on now! Ultimately, even when many of my friends were leaving LJ, I stuck around. I still love this place, in spite of all the flaws that drove tons of users away. If I didn't, why would I keep blogging here, day in and out?

Henry Tudor Cat Update: He seems to continue to be better. Right now he's sleeping in 'his' chair behind me in our office. He's been walking around with the left eye open much of the time. And he rope-a-doped (sexual fun for him) more than once today (always a good sign). Both cats are 'needy' right now. Today it was more about Colin Kitty than Henry, really. I even had to hold Colin at one point! And they've both been following me around...

I talked to Donn, sister Sue and my friend June today.

Donn was seeing his doctor about having that bad finger amputated. I'm sure that's a lot of pain to endure, but the finger drives him crazy and is just in the way. Donn was kind enough to go by and check out sister Sue's computer for Marilyn and me -- and he didn't charge us for doing it (which was nice!!!). Hopefully he's got her back up and running again. (I really miss her comments here at LJ -- and apparently some of my other friends do, too!)

Sue's leg continues to drive her crazy. And her doctor won't let her TAKE ANYTHING (???) for the pain (!!!). That seems ridiculous to me. But as I was saying to Pattye today, I'm in pretty constant pain myself since Leslie took me off Naproxen! The new pain med -- which I only take ONCE a day -- doesn't begin to handle my pain issues. Poor Sue! I feel really bad for her.

I called and spoke to Jim (June's husband) at one point today. I wanted to find out if they want to drive in the Junior Parade this year. (They've done it twice in the past.) Marissa did a call out for drivers. Jim is interested -- and maybe June, as well. I'll need to tell Marissa for sure tomorrow, so I need to contact them in the morning about it. (I've been told by several people -- including Marilyn! -- that it's a lot of fun to drive in that parade.)

More work on the eNewsletter this morning. And I chatted with Ashley about it.

I worked for some time on Marilyn's GFP formation map. She should have some tweaks for me, then I can re-do any aspects she needs, as all the elements are separate layers and can be moved around.

And I did some website work today, as well. Plus wrote up some instructions I needed. I started the details on how to do the stand alone eNewsletter, which is pretty clever, by the way! Hahaha. I was telling Marilyn how it's done while we drove over to Pattye's boathouse tonight, to pick up the vest she had altered.

Marilyn called me and asked if I wanted to ride along. Pattye lives down by Sauvie Island. She's at a marina just across from the island, actually. I was excited to go, as I'd never been to Pattye's house before. It's really an awesome house, with beautiful views!!! Pattye used to be on our staff at one point and has remained a friend. She loves to sew and is good at it, too. She made the vests for the Green Stooges, and needed to make changes to one of them for us. So we went to pick it up. That's a nice drive, by the way.

We stopped and bought hot dogs for dinner, that we brought home to eat. 'Like a party' as we always say. (grin)

We watched the second episode of "Houdini and Doyle" tonight. It's really enjoyable! For those who haven't seen it, it's a British-Canadian-American TV series, based on the friendship of Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It started airing in Great Britain in March and here in the U.S. this May. Steven (at the festival office) recommended it to us.

Well, I need to give Henry eye drops and head to bed. More tomorrow! Sleep well and have good dreams, everyone!