February 2nd, 2016

under the weather

Sick? I Think So.

I'm at the office. It's just past 5:00. And I feel pretty crappy...

Here's the thing: I've been dealing with this toothache. So I phoned and got an emergency appointment for tomorrow (at 10:00 a.m.). Meanwhile, I started feeling stuffed up and feverish in the middle of the night. Now I totally feel like I've got a COLD. I feel horrible. No kidding.

I'd be staying home tomorrow anyway, because of my dental appointment. But aside from going to the dentist, I think I want to stay down tomorrow. Unless I suddenly feel a TON better. I'd be all for that if it happened, because I do NOT want to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!

More about the rest of my day later.

Katrina gave me a bottle of her Cold and Flu medication this morning, so I took some (you shake well and take two spoons full). Maybe that will help! I only know I'm taking it home, just in case.
charlie sick, sick in bed

Sick -- With a Toothache

The annoying thing? I still need to go to the dentist tomorrow morning, sick or not. Oh well. I'll get that over early (my appointment is at 10:00), then head home and go right to bed.

As for today, I took in a huge paper bag full of scarves and wraps and let all the girls pick out any they might like to have. That was great fun! Most of them had been mine, but a few were formerly Marilyn's. (And we each kept a few for ourselves...)

Today I was training Aby (Abigail), our new seasonal receptionist for 2016. I really liked her! She, Christine and I went to Starbucks first thing. (Marilyn was in a meeting and had to go later with Katie.)

Training went really well.

And I met with Sheila about email and SPAM -- and that wasn't the best meeting ever. I wish there was a simple answer to the whole email situation, I really do. I've personally been dealing with it for eight years, after all...

Donn was in to set up computers, and that went well, too. He needs to come back in later in the week to do the Profiles. I have another person starting next week.

Marilyn and I took a drive at lunch. My toothache was bothering me, so I didn't feel like walking somewhere.

When we got back I signed the birthday cards for the months of February and March for our board members (that was quite a large pile!). I always include a personal note.

Then by afternoon I was really starting to feel sick. I skipped the Creative Team meeting and worked on some website stuff, instead.

I had some hot soup when I got home and was drifting off sitting up. Finally I went in and took a very hot bath, which helped. And we watched some TV ("The Middle" and "Jeopardy") -- and I drifted off during that, too.

Now we're going to have some coffee and goodies before bed...

I'll be GLAD when my dental appointment is over tomorrow!!!

Good night, dear friends.