February 1st, 2016

br lavin determination, determination

The Tidying Festival Comes to an End (for Now).

Back to work at the festival tomorrow!

Through a goof-up, unfortunately the new seasonal receptionist started TODAY -- but wasn't supposed to start until TOMORROW (when I was there to train her). Oh well, things happen! It's not as big a deal with the receptionist, as she spends so much time on the phone and doing other non-computer-related things. So hopefully Christine spent today working with her on those...

Anyway, I'll be training another NEW person tomorrow -- the first of more to come for 2016. I actually enjoy training personnel, so it's cool.

Marilyn and I did finally get our manicures today -- long overdue! The last time we really needed these, and it had been six weeks and two days. This time around it had been six weeks and FOUR days!!! So they were really grown out, needless to say. Hahaha. Last time I did a glittery Christmas-y red, and this time I did a satin-like pink. We skipped pedicures because of the amount of time it takes. (Besides, our toes aren't out this time of year, anyway! Hahaha.)

After that we met sister Sue at Starbucks and had a nice visit (one day late for her birthday). I took her back her iPad, which she'd left here at our house... She seemed to be feeling a bit better and to be in a very good mood. (She has a cribbage tournament this coming weekend.)

And the rest of the day Marilyn and I continued to work on our (current) Tidying Festival! We need to go through Marilyn's large standing jewelry box (which is a piece of furniture). It has a number of drawers, and swings up on the top. And she hadn't tackled the top drawer of her large dresser, either. So we finished those up (a lot of work!). And Marilyn cleaned off the surface of her dresser, with only a few items left out.

Seriously, her walk-in closet is just LOVELY now!!! She did a wonderful job with it!

And she also did a TON of work in her bathroom, too! Far more than she thought she'd have time to get done.

It's really astounding how much was done in three days. And how many things we were able to donate to the Goodwill. There will be a lot of additional garbage this week, too. It's all a good thing.

Our cats -- Colin and Henry -- were there most of the time to HELP us with this work! I can't get over how supportive they both were.

Anyway, if you haven't been following recent entries, this is all connected to the book that Marilyn's assistant Katie gave the two of us: "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing," by Marie Kondo. Her Konmari Method is really helpful, I have to say!

I can't wait to do more on my bedroom (which is currently a disaster... sigh...). And on the other rooms of our house. We'll get there!!!

In the BAD NEWS category: I have a toothache. I tried to phone my dentist, but waited until too late in the day (her office closes at 4:00 and it was past that). It wasn't bothering me until the afternoon, so there wasn't much I could do about it while we were getting our nails done. (sigh) I can hardly face the idea of another root canal, I have to say.

Part of me wonders if what I'm actually feeling is the effects of grinding my teeth, which I've done for years and years now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case! Anyway, I'll call my dentist Mary tomorrow and see if she can work me in... I'm overdue to see her, anyway! (Sister Sue said she'd take me. But I'll need to be careful not to set it on a day when she's gone.)

Good news: My NEW cover for my Kindle is waiting at the office for me! (woo hoo) I can't wait to have it. I actually had to use the old one (that got all nasty) today. (ugh)

I have a huge pile of jewelry to go through now -- from Marilyn. Some of it is brand new, and we can use those things for gifts. (For all I know, she might have bought those to actually give away!) Some of the things she's had since she was a girl. Some were gifts that she either wore and now doesn't, or never wore because they didn't suit her (it happens). I'll use some for my project of a NEW jewelry tree (I really want to make another one). Some things we'll just donate (like all the clothes). Anyway...

What else? I don't know. I'm dead tired and need to head to bed soon. Training can be really exhausting, so it's good to get a good night of sleep before that, if possible.

Sleep well, friends!!! I hope you're all having a good new week!