January 17th, 2016


Totally LAZY Day

This was a totally LAZY day. I didn't do a single productive thing all day long. How is that even possible??? Hahaha.

I cut up some sausage and cheese for us to eat for lunch. Wow. Tons of work, right? I mean, that's as close to cooking as I came all day. No joke.

Marilyn and I actually enjoy making a meal out of lunch meats or sausage and cheese -- usually eaten on crackers. But I was just eating the meat and cheese -- no crackers.

Which meant I had a low blood sugar incident. A bad one. I was in the 50's and messed up. I HATE to fight lows with anything but food. And I prefer not to use candy, etc. if possible, because the bounces from low to high are awful, too.

How can I explain lows to people who have never been diabetic? You're tired. Fatigued beyond anything you've ever felt -- like when you've worked super hard all day long, or run a race, or carried a bunch of heavy stuff for way too long. You can barely walk across the floor. You're shaking. You're so HUNGRY that when you get something to eat you're just stuffing the food in -- and you can't get enough to eat. You feel confused -- stupid. I went upstairs (I could barely climb the staircase) and I picked up the tray sitting on the table at the top of the stairs. Then I just stood there trying to reason out what I needed to do next. Why had I picked up that tray? No clue! Hahaha. You just feel YUCKY. Lousy. Awful.

I've never been so low that I was close to actually passing out (thank God). And for whatever blessed reason, I always wake up when I'm having a low in the middle of the night (thank you God). I know if it were really bad I could potentially go into a coma. But, again, I've never been that low. My sister Sue apparently used to have lows a lot -- really BAD ones. The meter wouldn't even register a number! I can't imagine how terrible that must have felt for her!

I ate a cutie (Clementines oranges), but that didn't touch it fast enough. So I suggested we have a bowl of ice cream, which we did. It finally came back up, thankfully!

This evening when I had more of the meat and cheese I ate it with crackers. The carbs help the whole low sugar thing.

Just interrupted my own blogging to go off on a tangent. Hahaha. ESPN has been playing this AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL song, "A Perfect Day," written by Danny Copy and sung by Liz Reynolds. My God does this woman have a BEAUTIFUL voice! Marilyn and I both love her! Now we want to download this song. But I found a bunch of other music she's done (you can listen to those songs HERE), too. I've got the YouTube playing now as I type and this song just rips at my heart. Seriously, click the link and give it a listen. It's lovely!

The funny part was TRYING TO FIND this song! There's a famous Lou Reed song "A Perfect Day" that's NOT this one, obviously. But it's what comes up in every single search. I didn't originally KNOW who the singer or the composer were, so it was really hard finding anything! I just kept finding the other song over and over again (by a bunch of different artists, including Susan Boyle). In this day and age we expect finding EVERYTHING to be really simple and quick. Needless to say, this was not the case. Hahaha.

So, ESPN has been playing the song during the Australian Open (which started today). And Marilyn and I had the Open on while I was sitting here blogging. And the song came on and that was that. Hahaha. I kept trying to find it via the Australian Open. It was Marilyn who said something that made me finally type in ESPN -- or I'd STILL be looking, I'm sure.

By the way, have you ever tried to search for something that's NOT something? I'm trying to tell the search engine NOT to look for the Lou Reed song, you know? Hahaha. Right.

Now we were trying to use iTunes on our computer, which is pretty ridiculous. They've made it nearly impossible to use. Every update makes it worse. So Marilyn threw up her hands and is going to do it on her iPad, instead. Really, iTunes? Why is that??? Oh well.

I could go off on the CHANGES to the world of music since I was a kid, but I'll spare you. Downloads of music are amazing, especially because of the quality. It beats having a LP album (with many songs) and having to go to the record player to lift the needle and put it back on a single track over and over again! How we would scratch our poor records doing things like that! Records and tape. I remember them well...

In other non-news from our non-do-anything-day:

Marilyn had been watching a movie on her iPad. And finally I went over and sat beside her on the sofa so I could see the end of the film. It's "Conversations With God," a 2006 movie featuring Henry Czerny (one of our very favorite actors). It tells the story of author Neale Donald Walsch, who writes books about his conversations with God. (No, I've never read any of books, so far. By the way, there are no Kindle versions of his books. Really???) Neale created a Conversations with God Foundation, which is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to inspiring the world to help itself move from violence to peace, from confusion to clarity, and from anger to love. He goes around the world lecturing and interacting with people.

Henry Czerny tends to select very eclectic roles, as a rule -- and this is certainly one of those! I had a hard time finding a review of the movie and when I did it was very snarky, but didn't really say good or bad -- it was just someone trying to give an intellectual spin on the film (how I hate that crap). Let's just say it deals with an issue very near and dear to my heart: Homelessness. And I felt very emotional watching it.

I guess many of us believe in conversing with God in some way. I call my conversations prayer, but others certainly may have different ways to talk to God. Neale's way was interesting, to say the least. Because I haven't read any of his books, I can't make any call on how I feel about that at this point. But it clearly worked for him -- and the many others he's touched.

No, Marilyn and I never left the house all day long. The toilet paper situation is highly critical now! Hahaha. At least we're not completely out -- but almost! (We can always turn to Kleenex, which we have plenty of. But you're NOT supposed to flush them!!!) We do need to shop. But we were both SO DAMN TIRED again today. So we laid around. And slept. And we loved it.

I hate that sister Sue doesn't have a working computer -- because her reading my blog is one of our ways of keeping up with each other! Too bad she doesn't use her tablet we gave her, because she could read my blog there... (sigh)

Well, both of us want to wash our hair before bed. Marilyn's gone off to do that -- then it will be my turn.

I've had a headache again today (not as bad as yesterday). I have no clue why. I don't tend to get headaches as a rule, unless I'm sick. I've really been suffering from my tongue and having bitten it. Yes, yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds!!! I frequently will sneeze really hard and suddenly and in doing so bite my tongue. That's exactly how this happens. Sometimes I bite deeper than other times. The thing is, how do you keep your tongue clean, for example? Or not use it so it can rest and heal? You have to eat and drink and talk -- and all those things use the tongue. I've been using salt (always good) and Listerine (for the bacteria). It seems a little better today (fingers crossed). Stupid little pains can drive us crazy, I guess! Hahaha.

On on that TMI and boring moment, I'll end for today.

Love you guys! Be kind to yourself, as my Dad always used to say in later years. (I love that now. I really do...)