December 12th, 2015


Update: Thursday (Garage), Friday (Rushed to Doctor) and Saturday (XFinity - New WiFi)

I'm BEHIND on blogging. It's been so crazy here that I'm having a hard time remembering Thursday. Anyway, here goes nothing! (grin)

Thursday, December 10
Sister Sue had agreed to take me to the Goodwill, so that's when I started in the garage -- wanting to get all the stuff put aside to donate gathered in the center of the garage to pack up. It ends up in various spots, as we only have limited room out there. (It's a pretty small garage.)

Sue took me shopping at Freddies and then to the Goodwill, too. It was POURING down rain that day. We've been having serious rainfall here in the Pacific Northwest. There's a ton of flooding.

Then I spent ages out in the garage, moving stuff around and organizing things. I needed to get to the boxes that hold our artificial Christmas tree. So while I was doing that, I also got ready to bring home some wine (at least one box). Plus Marilyn got her Diet Pepsi that's part of her contract at work, and we had it all stacked pretty much in two places -- way too high! So now it's in three reasonable stacks that are much safer.

I'm delighted with how things are arranged out there, actually. And I did some organizing of the Pantry Shelf we have on one wall, where we keep canned food.

Then I brought the tree into the house and set it up. I was disappointed to discover that there were lights out. I'd found the string we've used for years as replacements, so I brought it into the house and started pulling lights off of it to use on the tree. Then I started going through the lights that weren't lit one by one. It took hours. Yeah, I know that's crazy! But I did finally find the 'bad' lights and get it lit again! I was pretty excited.

I also got out some of our other decorations to start putting up Christmas here in the Portland house.

Friday, December 11
I wanted to do more decorating. Early in the day I heated up the last of the homemade soup to eat. And somehow I aspirated something (probably barley) into my lungs. I'm constantly having issues with getting food 'down the wrong way' -- so normally I think nothing of it. I cough it up or blow it out through my sinuses. But this time was different. It seemed to go very deep right away -- and I felt a pain inside my chest (really uncomfortable). I know aspiration can be serious (that's why they won't let you eat before surgery, for example). So I looked it up online and got worried. I decided to call my clinic. I left a message there for my nurse practitioner's assistant.

She finally called me back and suggested I come in for an x-ray. I made an appointment to see Chris (another nurse practitioner), as Leslie was booked solid. It was for 2:50. Then they called BACK and asked me to come at 2:30! So I arranged to do that with sister Sue.

They had me see Dr. Chan (not Chris). He examined me and decided not to do an x-ray.

I came home and was supposed to keep an eye out for shortness of breath or other signs that I might have an infection or the beginnings of pneumonia. (I talked to Donn at one point and he told me that was exactly how his mother had died.) My chest was painful, I felt yucky and swallowing hurt. I didn't eat again until much later and was barely taking in liquid. (Which means I was dehydrated.)

That's not great, because I've been having HORRIBLE leg cramps. In fact, I had a terrible cramp in my right arm! I've never had that before! The area near my bicep was so knotted and twisted that you could easily see it. And my left leg was cramping all the way into the hip. That started on Thursday (after the Toy Drive on Wednesday).

I did get out a lot more of our Christmas decorations and started putting them up. And we were going to The Nutcracker Friday night. Marilyn got home and suggested I wash my hair, so I went to take a shower. She sat down on the sofa in the living room. I called out to her a couple of times from my bedroom, but assumed she'd gone downstairs. Finally I come out to see what's up, and she's sound asleep!

So we got a LATE start -- and traffic to Vancouver was AWFUL!

We were in terrible traffic for more than two hours before we threw in the towel and just came home. We were both starved, so I made dinner and we went right to sleep after that. We were sorry to miss the event (which we love), but that's the way it goes sometimes...

TODAY -- Saturday, December 12
I got up early so I could 'tidy' up around the ENTIRE HOUSE (!!!), in preparation for the Comcast installation agent to show up! Today was the BIG DAY -- we were getting all new boxes for our TVs, plus Comcast internet and :::DRUM ROLL::: new WiFi!!!

I was racing around making beds and picking up and washing dishes and moving furniture. I knew he could arrive as early as 10:00, so I wanted things as ready as possible for him.

He came around 11:15. His name was Kevin -- nice guy. He was pretty shocked when he saw how many boxes it was! Hahaha. At one point he showed me this enhancer device he had to install because we "have too many TVs" (according to him). Marilyn later said you can't have too many TVs. I think it was a kind of amusing thing for him to say, considering!

He had to put in an entirely new box on the outside of the house where everything comes into the house. That took him some time. And we figured out where to put the new modem in our office. We're keeping Century Link for now, so it had to be a different space.

Anyway, it took hours, but he got it all done (with help from me). I helped him move furniture and so on.

The new equipment is pretty amazing! When we record something with our DVRs, we can play the stuff back on ANY box in the entire house! That's true for anything we purchase, as well. (We have some Bond movies and the Jurassic Park movies, so I can attest to being able to play them IN MY BEDROOM on the really old TV in there!) If we use the XFinity App on our devices (iPads, iPhones, etc.), then we can play and even download stuff to watch wherever we happen to be. Wow.

I'm worn out tonight. It was a tiring day. I had to put everything BACK where it belonged after Kevin left. I think it's pretty much done, but maybe not...

Marilyn and I had planned to decorate the tree tonight, but we were TOO DAMN TIRED. Tomorrow night!

She went to the party we were both invited to early in the day (right during the appointment). Then after that she went down to the office to get some work done. She got home just as Kevin was leaving. Marilyn is planning to go in tomorrow, too, and get more work done... (It never ends.)

We need to do some grocery shopping. We're out of certain foods. Hopefully we'll do that tomorrow. And we also need to get manicures AND pedicures pretty bad.

The cats are just THRILLED about the tree! They treat it just like a living tree, by the way. They can sit under it for hours at a time. It's really sweet to see!

We have a small fiber optic tree downstairs, that sits way up on top of a stand. Last night neither one of us had seen Colin for hours, and we found him way back in the corner sitting under that tree -- even though he was really nowhere near it!

We're both pretty excited about the cable and WiFi changes, I have to tell you! We're still using CenturyLink for the desktops -- we need to switch everything OFF our old emails. This should force us to finally do it! But we no longer need the Extender we had downstairs that Donn set up for us, because we get WiFi just fine in the entire house with Comcast.

Oh! My friend June phoned about going to dinner. She and Jim wanted to go for my birthday! Isn't that nice? But we were so tired out I begged off for today. She had her new iPhone (woo hoo), and had been trying to set it up. I told her to take it to the Verizon store and have them do it! Marilyn and I never set up our own phones. And they don't charge to do it, so why not? Hopefully that went well for her! I'm excited for her to have a smart phone. I think she's really going to like it!

Well, we need to head to bed and I'm tired out.

Still praying we won't flood. We had heavy rain again today. I'm now worried about a different side of the house where the ground is VERY WET (a standing pool of water). It would go into Marilyn's bedroom, too... (sigh)

Sweet dreams, friends! Take care!