November 27th, 2015

conrad relax, relax conrad

A Restful Day at the Beach House

Marilyn ended up not feeling at all well last night or this morning, poor thing.

We spent a very QUIET day here at home, doing pretty much nothing. It was LOVELY, to tell you the truth. So we didn't go back to the mall for Black Friday shopping. But there's some local holiday shopping that we're thinking about going to tomorrow. We'll see how it goes...

We did go out tonight for the Holiday Parade and Tree Lighting (with Santa). It was VERY COLD, but we were dressed fine for the weather, so it didn't matter. Marilyn talked me into wearing my warm coat, so I was great. And we both wore gloves! (Good thing!) It was a clear day and night -- you could really see the moon. Which is part of the reason is was so darn cold!!! Brr.

After that we drove down to Freddies and got new batteries for our Fitbits (which come in four packs, so we have two left over). And we decided to buy a Fitbit for Jeff for Christmas. (He doesn't read my blog -- at least, not yet, so he won't see this... smile...)

I guess Jeff isn't able to come down this weekend. Too bad, but not a big surprise.

We also bought Peppermint ice cream and each had a bowl tonight. Such a treat!

There's a ton of food around here to eat! Goodness! A bounty of delight. (grin)

Sister Sue should be at her cribbage tournament with her friend Larry, and son Larry and his wife Tammy. I hope they all have a very nice time this weekend!

We're going to put on our face masks, which we haven't used in ages. So I'll close for today. I hope everyone enjoyed their day.