November 26th, 2015

thanksgiving turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! So MUCH To Be Thankful For in 2015!

Marilyn went back and read my entries from last year on Thanksgiving and around that time. We both had the flu and were really sick for a LONG time -- so first off, we're very thankful not to be sick this year!

Actually, we didn't come to our beach house for either Thanksgiving OR Christmas last year, because of being sick. Very sad! Anyway, we're hopeful that we'll remain healthy for the rest of this year (and this winter).

For those of you who are Americans (and/or celebrate the holiday):

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a lovely day! We actually got up at a reasonable time (!!!), got dressed and went out. First we drove down to the beach, parked (!!!) and took a walk on the sand -- where there was frost! Yes, it was that cold. There had been frost all around at the house, so we wanted to see it there was any on the actual beach.

It was cold, but beautiful!

Then we went shopping at Safeway. We wanted to get some sausage, cheese and a few other items. After we came home and had sausage and cheese with crackers while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. (Yummy, by the way!)

As I mentioned yesterday, our friend Rob had told us he and Jeff (and family) were going to Camp 18 today. So this morning we phoned about reservations. We were told we didn't need one, they accepted walk-ins. So we planned to go at 3:00 and try to see them.

We took naps and woke up late. But got there around 3:25. The place was PACKED SOLID WITH PEOPLE! We were told by someone waiting OUTSIDE on the porch that they were running way behind -- and it was an hour behind reservations! I was a bit annoyed that we'd been told we didn't need a reservation, but oh well. We went inside long enough to TRY and see our friends, but couldn't.

We went right back to the car after taking a few photos. We've both eaten there in the past, so we know the food is good and we're sure it would have been a nice meal. But frankly, sitting in a over-filled room with a bunch of strangers didn't appeal to us. So we were actually fine that it turned out that we didn't stay...

I did text Rob to let him know we were there -- in case they wanted to say hello. I never did hear back from him all day. That's okay, too, as we were crashing them a bit. (Even if we didn't plan to actually sit with them.)

We drove back to Seaside and into town and discovered that Fultano's Pizza WAS open. So we went to play some games -- and I got really dizzy. I was kind of dealing with vertigo today, and the game pushed it up quite a bit! Hahaha. So we quit playing games and went to eat. We got two small pizzas and each had a beer (plus some soda) -- AND some deep fried pickles. It was a WONDERFUL meal! Pizza has been our meal of choice for many a Thanksgiving over the years, and we were delighted to have it again this year.

After we ate we took our many leftovers home here and watched some TV and played on our iPads. And snacked on food, of course. (grin)

Late tonight we ran out to the mall to see if anything was open and did a small bit of shopping. We ran into a couple of our neighbors while there. Now we're home and I'm blogging and Marilyn's in bed playing a game on her iPad. I'll head to bed right after this.

I want to blog about CATS and sexual behavior after being neutered. I'll simply say that I did some research on the subject today and was shocked by much of what I read. Humans are very unkind to their pets. I'll say more on the subject later. But there's something about being at the beach house that brings out Colin's sexual side. It started here when we first brought the cats here and has continued both at the Portland house and here since then. But it always seems stronger when we're here. I just thought I'd find out what others were saying on the subject. Let's just say I discovered I don't LIKE what people think about the subject, for the most part! More on this soon...

I hope you all had a good day. And that my American friends enjoyed Thanksgiving! Marilyn and I did phone sister Sue, our neighbor Jim (June wasn't up when we called), our friend Shari and cousin Linda. And we messaged and texted many others (like Adeena).

We have mostly EXTENDED family -- and that includes YOU, by the way!

We've had an amazing year in 2015 and are very thankful for the wonderful things that happened. And we're thankful for our friends, including you. Thanks for everything!!!

Good night! (We're trying to decide if we'll get up early and go shopping tomorrow! Hahaha. Why not?)

Regarding yesterday's blog entry and my laundry references: Thanks, Resonant, for your advice! I shared it with Marilyn.