November 24th, 2015

thanksgiving turkey

Quiet Day -- Lunch with Jeff

Well, in light of the weather, Marilyn and I decided NOT to drive to the beach house today. But we did end up meeting with Jeff over in Vancouver for a drink (and Marilyn and I each had some of the chicken and corn chowder, too). So we were having Bloody Marys pretty early in the day. Oh well. We're on vacation, after all! (smile)

We visited for a couple of hours before heading home. We did stop at Freddies to pick up a pumpkin pie and some snacks. And at McDonald's to get the chocolate milk shakes and fries we'd tried to get the other night unsuccessfully. For those of you who have never tried it, fries dunked in milk shake are yummy!

Sad news: Sister Sue's friend Eugene may not survive the night. Such a nice man. I feel so bad for Sue. She's had to face a lot of losses in the last few years... Praying for everyone close to Eugene.

We had a nice LONG nap after we got home -- which we both needed, considering how late we got to bed the past two nights!

We spoke with Sue several times and I got to talk to my friend, June, too.

We watched the finale of "Dancing With the Stars" tonight. We were pleased that Nick came in second. Way to go, Nick!

I also had to do some work earlier today. I'd never given Tanya her new password (which I had to change after Shelley's layoff). So I had to do that today.

Well, I finally cleaned up the kitchen! Marilyn and I had emptied out all the old food containers (and some bottles of stuff) and I needed to do a load of dishes.

All in all, it was a lovely, lazy vacation day of doing little or nothing. And any time we talk to Sue and our friends (Jeff and June, in this case), then it's a good day.

Sleep well, dear friends.